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The Arabist historian Bernard Lewis, who is considered safely mainstream by the media, didn’t receive much flak from it for saying several years back that the prospect of Eurabia was real. Lewis predicted that the continent would be majority-Muslim by the end of the century. They “seem to be about to take over Europe,” he said. The only question, he said, is, “Will it be an Islamized Europe or Europeanized Islam?”

But the media isn’t interested in hearing such sober points raised these days. In the wake of the Paris attacks, it has been policing discussion of Europe’s obvious Islamic immigration problem. Woe to the politician who dares broach the subject, as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is learning.

CNN has been browbeating him for discussing de facto “no-go” zones in European cities that non-Muslims and police tend to avoid. Jindal’s remarks haven’t been refuted, but the media treats them as unhinged anyways and demands to know when he will “walk them back.” For the media, the existence of such places is of less alarm than that politicians would talk about them.

Over at proudly enlightened MSNBC, guest Arsalan Iftikhar said Jindal’s remarks indicate that he “might be trying to scrub some of the brown off of his skin.”

CNN and MSNBC feel empowered to gang up on Jindal now that Fox News has apologized for its reporting on no-go zones in Europe, an apology that appears excessive in one line of it: “To be clear, there is no formal designation of these zones in either [England and France] and no credible information to support the assertion there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion.”

While it is true that governments haven’t formally recognized these areas as no-go zones, plenty of credible information confirms their existence. Even if police and non-Muslims can technically go into these areas, they don’t.

But even properly qualified references to Muslim-dominated neighborhoods, as Jindal made (he never claimed the areas are formally called no-go zones), are unacceptable to the media. It intends to shut down all discussion on the subject.

In this media climate, almost all politicians will ignore the problem of Islamic immigration, even as its consequences, evident in France’s largely Muslim prison population, grow more visible. If they allow themselves any alarmism, it will be to fret over rising “Islamophobia.” The same media-political class that treats de facto no-go neighborhoods as “imaginary” considered the likelihood of anti-Islamic “backlash” after the Paris terrorist attacks to be real.

Reports about the possibility of backlash, based upon nothing more than speculation, appeared after the attacks. “Muslims and some experts said that it was inevitable that Muslims would fall under suspicion after the attacks,” pronounced the Associated Press. That’s “responsible” reporting, but stories on radical Islam’s growth in Europe qualify as bigoted conjecture.

After a guest on Fox News made the false claim that the English city of Birmingham is “totally Muslim,” David Cameron said “I choked on my porridge” at the absurdity of the claim. But the British prime minister didn’t give the percentage of the Muslim population in the city, which at around 25 percent is astounding enough and would have made a number of his predecessors choke on their porridge. They could never have imagined such a large Muslim population in England’s second largest city.

The English historian Edward Gibbon thought that only Islamic military conquest would bring a day in England when her schools and pulpits “might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.” It turns out that England’s immigration policy was enough to make that possible. The same is true in France, where abandoned churches have been converted into mosques not by conquest but by consent.

According to recent polling, 42 percent of French people support a ban on publishing cartoons of Mohammed. Such reports suggest an answer to Bernard Lewis’s question. An Islamized Europe is more likely than a Europeanized Islam.

To merely suggest that Muslims in Europe should “assimilate” is treated by the media as a species of Islamophobia. Even as liberals deny the existence of Muslim enclaves in Europe, they argue that it is only natural for Muslims to cluster together and resist an assimilationist push. The self-segregation that multiculturalism encourages made no-go zones inevitable and now punishes politicians like Jindal for noticing them. 

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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