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Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not the Enemy

So, let me get this straight:

It is September 11, 2012. An Al Qaeda sponsored mob is marching, running, screaming towards the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Supposedly they are angry about an e-mail cartoon about the Islamic figure, Mohammed. It is known right away that the organizers of the march are the same entity that did the mass murder of Americans on 9.11.01.

The Embassy issues an apology for an American using his free speech rights about a matter of deep concern. They attempt to appease the mob. It doesn’t work. The mobs acts violently and disrespectfully towards the U.S. Embassy. They are al Qaeda. This is what they do.

No comment or almost none from Mr. Obama.

Then an al Qaeda mob attacks the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya, burns it, kills the U.S. Ambassador and three other heroic American diplomats. Again, in a classic al Qaeda move, it is all timed perfectly to infuriate the USA. It isn’t spontaneous. It was 9/11, for Pete’s sake.

No comment from Mr. Obama except terse condolences.

Then along comes Governor Romney, who rightly says, “Hey, why are we appeasing an al Qaeda mob? Why aren’t we calling these guys the vicious killers that they are? Why are we back in this apology to bad guys mode?”

Then, and only then, the Obama White House goes into hyper drive. It turns out that the real problem is not al Qaeda. No, and it’s not Mr. Obama’s appeasement. No, the real threat to America is (wait for it), Mitt Romney. Yes!!! According to White House uber-pal, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Romney is working with the terrorists against the U.S. government by calling for criticism of the al Qaeda!

Yes, Romney is the enemy for pointing out that Mr. Obama is ass kissing the terrorists!

This is terrifying. The media line up to get their marching orders from the Obama Ministry of Truth and suddenly it’s Gospel: the problem is not al Qaeda. It is Romney. With a “more in sorrow than in anger…” look and tone, Mr. Obama pities Romney’s naïveté.

This is disgusting. It is nauseating. This is what happens when you have a one-party media. The lie becomes the truth. George Orwell saw it coming. In 1984, his MiniTrue had up its mission.

Who controls the present, controls the past.
Who controls the past controls the future.

It has happened. The MSM and the White House have outlawed truth. Some of us old ones can remember when it was legal and the media worked to keep it alive. Now, like the firemen in Fahrenheit 451, the MSM press exists to obliterate truth — not to preserve it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Netanyahu begs the U.S. to do something to protect it and the world from the Iranian bomb. Mr. Obama bobs and weaves to avoid contact with reality and responsibility. No one even mentions that if we had allowed Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush to build ABM defense, the whole world would be a safer place, and we race towards war or an Islamic control of our expression or both, and the master politician gets ready for his turn on Letterman.

God help us.

How I wish that someone that Mr. Obama respects (I have no idea if there is such a person) would look him in the eye and say, “Look, Mr. President, those Muslim terrorists in al Qaeda are not our friends. They have done terrible things to us. They have just done something brand new and horrible to us: they murdered our ambassador to Libya. No matter how much you kiss up to them, they will not be our friends. Maybe you think they’ll be your friends because you have so many Muslim friends in the black community in Chicago.

“But they won’t. They hurt us whenever they can. They are blood brothers to the people who run Iran. THEY ARE NOT REASONABLE PEOPLE. You cannot appease them into peace any more than Chamberlain could appease Hitler.

“The only thing they respect is strength. That’s it. Their guru, Osama bin Laden, put it well. ‘Between a strong horse and a weak horse, people will favor the strong horse.’

“That’s what we have to learn, Mr. President. We have to be the strong horse. Not the buttering up horse. The strong horse. Get it?”

The big problem is that there is no one Mr. Obama really respects to tell him the truth and we will all have to pay for it.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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