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Move over Barbie! Feminist Coloring Books Available This August!

If as a women you have been feeling unempowered and looked down upon because of your anatomy, then today you can finally leave your mark in the world, literally.

Feminist writer and speaker Ijeoma Oluo is creating a “Badass Feminist Coloring Book” to print and be sold in August. Funded on, customers can sign up to fund the production of the book. Donations of $25 dollars receive the coloring book. The book has already raised $15,958, nearly four times its original $4,000 goal.

Oluo said the book will contain at least 20 different feminist and a matching “badass feminist quotes”. Here’s one…unconventional…example from their website:


The proceeds will be divided into four categories: 25 percent towards the feminists pictured, 30 percent towards printing and shipping, 30 percent to Oluo, and 15 percent towards unanticipated costs.

While I originally read about the coloring book on, the topic has been covered by other major new medias across the nation. As Red Alert noted in it’s article:

The Huffington Post is over the moon about the project, calling it a “truly glorious cause.”

“I wanted to shine a light on feminists that you may never have heard of –- who don’t always fit the middle-class liberal cis heterosexual white woman image we usually see,” Oluo told HuffPo.

 Along the same lines, she told Bustle, “Often the only people we see representing movements are those who most closely fit into the preferences of white-hetero-patriarchal society.

“When many people think ‘feminist,’ we think of a youngish, middle-class, privileged white woman who took a lot of women’s studies courses in college.”

For advocating so strongly against stereotypes and classifications, Oluo certainly did a good job of fitting “white-hetero-patriarchal society” into a singular box. Feminist claim women, as a group, are being discriminated against and unfairly judged, but can they honestly say they haven’t judged the “white-hetero-patriarchal society”?

I have no problem with coloring books. In fact, as a 21-year-old I still hide a couple in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I do, however, have a problem with feminism’s hypocritical stance — that, and the tasteless pictures, language and quotes that feminist choose to use to depict themselves.

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