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Morning Round-Up 6-9

Feature of the Day: Quack, Quack, Quack: An Oral History of the Mighty Ducks Trilogy

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Where Have All The Missing American Workers Gone?
  2. Obama Aims to Expand Student Loan Relief
  3. Clinton Kicking off High-Profile Book Tour


  1. Hillary Clinton’s challenge: Her relationship with President Obama
  2. Hillary Clinton’s book tour: What to look for


  1. Bergdahl describes harsh treatment, solitary confinement: U.S. official
  2. Kerry says freed Taliban inmates would target U.S. at ‘enormous risk’: CNN

Wall Street Journal

  1. Harry Reid Shapes Energy Regulator With an Eye to Nevada Industry
  2. Sex, Drugs and GDP: the Challenge of Measuring the Shadow Economy
  3. Immigration’s Primary Effect Muted

Washington Times

  1. Bergdahl’s parents got rare access to insiders; data for sympathizer of Gitmo detainees
  2. Dems insist candidates will retain control of Senate; Republicans not buying ‘spin’
  3. Hillary Clinton: ‘Dead broke’ poverty drove Bill and her to speaking circuit

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

  1. Reagan’s Foreign Policy and Ours
  2. Reform Conservatism Needs Place


  1. Dave Brat: Illegal Immigrants Pouring into USA After Cantor Announced ‘Kids Are Welcome’
  2. The Great Texas GOP Immigration Debate of 2014: ‘Texas Solution’ Gone

 The Daily Caller     

  1. Obama’s Amnesty Plan Is Harming Latino Kids, Says Adviser
  2. Leftists Rage After United Negro College Fund Accepts $25 Million from Koch Brothers

  1. Federal Judge Delays Ruling on MRC Lawsuit—Potentially ‘Ruinous Fines’ Still Hang Over MRC
  2. 37.2%: Percentage Not in Labor Force Remains at 36-Year High

National Review

  1. Obama and the Mockery of Honor
  2. How the VA Cooked the Suicide Books

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Israeli Politicians Move to Limit Ability to Trade Murderers for Hostages
  2. The Seventh of June and the Ninth of Av

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

  1. Obama’s Shocking Success on Judgeships Overturns Conventional Wisdom
  2. GOP’s Biggest 2016 Problem: Clinton’s Numbers Among White Voters

Talking Points Memo

  1. Report: GOPers Persuade Virginia Democrat to Resign in Effort to Block Medicaid Expansion
  2. Pakistan Taliban Claim Deadly Airport Attack


    1. Feds Rush to Provide Basic Supplies for Surge of Migrant Kinds in Makeshift ‘Warehouses’

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