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Memo to Al Regnery

Dear Esteemed Archon:
Ever since that midnight ceremony in the graveyard where I swore the Blood Oath — with my hand on Ideas Have Consequences and three Supreme Court justices in attendance — I have been loyal to the bylaws of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, including the Solemn Vow of Silence.

My status as a VRWC Provisional Junior Cadet, of course, does not permit me access to the Esoteric Protocols known only to yourself, Mr. Tyrrell and other members of the Council of Archons. So I’m sure there must be some secret codicil that permits the Archons to speak to the Washington Post about our Conspiracy:

“There is a definite sense that the various parts of the conservative movement are coming together,” said Regnery, a leading CAP member.

Obviously, this is exactly what we want them to think, eh? But speaking for myself and a few others who were at the Junior Cadet breakfast this morning, we haven’t gotten any directives about disseminating this new message, and we’re wondering why. Please keep us in the loop so that we can maintain the Blood Oath by mindlessly marching in lockstep.

Your Humble Minion in Eternal Loyalty,

Robert Stacy McCain
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