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New Video Confirms That Democrats Invented Election Denial

President Joe Biden and every other Democrat should watch Matt Orfalea’s new video, created for Matt Taibbi’s TK News. Titled “Democrats’ ‘Stolen’ Election Claims,” this effort will send Biden & Co. into spasms of cognitive dissonance.

The Left will be left stammering by indisputable, vivid, visual evidence that they are hands-down guilty of election denial. Notwithstanding Jan. 6, those who still will not concede that Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton fair and square in 2016 remain far more numerous, ferocious, and destructive than their rightist counterparts who argue that 2020’s election lacked integrity.

“MAGA Republicans … refuse to accept the results of a free election,” Biden shouted Sept. 1, in rage-fueled remarks at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. “They fan the flames of political violence,” Biden snarled. “Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win, or they were cheated.”

Biden’s anger mismanagement placed this topic atop the general-election agenda. Last week’s Fox News poll found that “the preservation of American democracy” is the No. 1 issue in the U.S. Senate races in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Thus, the vital importance of Orfalea’s video. His supercut is a devastating, four minute and 53 second indictment of the Democrat Left’s rampant, widespread, and profound election denial after Trump trounced Hillary. This includes, by my count, 113 different video clips, sound bites, and print headlines in which top Democrats and left-wing pundits call Trump “an illegitimate president.” From today’s president to their 2016 standard-bearer on down, Democrats parrot the term “illegitimate president” enough to warrant a shipment of bird seed to the White House.

“He’s an illegitimate president, in my mind,” a voter told Biden at a campaign stop. He replied: “I absolutely agree.”

“He’s an illegitimate president,” Hillary said of Trump, as did the late Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, then-Senator Kamala Harris of California, and many others.

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann screamed: “He is not our president!”

“He got his victory from cheating,” liberal radio host Coco Soodek told Fox News Channel. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said: “Trump cheated.”

From today’s president to their 2016 standard-bearer on down, Democrats parrot the term “illegitimate president” enough to warrant a shipment of bird seed to the White House.

Senators Chuck Schumer of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Democrat lawmakers, pundits, academics, and entertainers repeated ad nauseam the fake news that “Russia hacked our election.” While “Russia!” remains the Left’s favorite chew toy, there is no evidence that Moscow manipulated voting machines or otherwise affected vote totals.

The owners of a Russian-based troll farm did purchase $100,000 worth of Facebook ads during the 2016 election. Compared to that year’s $2.4 billion total spending on presidential campaign ads, this social-media buy was less a Russian hack than a shot of vodka poured into a 187-gallon hot tub. And Trump owned neither the vodka nor the shot glass.

“Trump is a Russian asset!” the Left also lied after he trumped Hillary. Three years of probes by the FBI, the House and Senate intelligence committees, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller all confirmed that “Russia! Russia! Russia!” was a massive collective hallucination based on zero evidence and fewer facts.

Democrats tried to muscle the Electoral College long after Nov. 8, 2016. Nearly five million Hillary fans endorsed a petition addressed to Trump’s pledged backers in the Electoral College.

The petition stated: “We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton.” As the video shows, this petition received 4,881,661 supporters and carried the headline, “Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President.”

Meanwhile, Olbermann insisted: “There will not be a peaceful change of power!”

Sure enough, as Orfalea shows in living color, Hillary’s voters marched by the tens of thousands at first. But then — from Oakland to Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, and beyond — they perpetrated days of political violence. Orfalea’s video erupts with flying rocks, shattering store windows, cratering windshields, exploding flash bombs, burning trash cans, blazing automobiles, and a bystander’s bleeding scalp. The culprits? Democrats who, in Biden’s words, “refused to accept the results of a free election.”

Burning car during protest on Inauguration Day, 2017 (MSNBC/YouTube)

“Mostly peaceful” Democrat election deniers refuse to accept the results of the November 2016 vote and take their frustrations out on this limousine during President Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration, Jan. 20, 2017 (NBC News/YouTube) 

One protester’s sign read: “I hope that Donald Trump will get assassinated.”

All of this was too much for YouTube, which demonetized Orfalea’s video. Apparently, for the crime of compiling these contemporaneous news clips, on-camera comments, and newspaper excerpts, Orfalea deserves poverty. Coming from YouTube, part of Google’s $1.9 trillion empire, this is a particularly rich example of engineered income inequality.

“Amid sweeping efforts to punish election denial in the Trump context, both criminally and with censorship, an almost exactly similar denial campaign that inspired four-plus years of blue politics has been dropped down a memory hole,” Orfalea and Taibbi complained on Substack. The Democrat “party considers the act of denial itself illegitimate and ban-worthy, if not criminal. But how can that be if, as the video shows, the party’s own leaders engage in the same behavior? How can declaring the 2020 election illegitimate be prohibited, if saying the same thing about 2016 was and is encouraged?” (READ MORE from Deroy Murdock: Manchin and McConnell: The Idiot and the Invertebrate)

After these authors published this article, YouTube decided, Never mind! The high-tech giant explained that this demonetization was — wait for it — a “mistake.”


For now, this incredible video is here. Just in case Silicon Valley’s Soviet-style censors deprive Americans of these facts and images, Grabien’s brave patriots have archived this copy. It also is at Rumble.

This video now resides on the servers of Americans who cherish free speech and will keep this recording available, whatever the actions of the Left Coast’s tolerant, open-minded Cancelistas. Just like the Communist parties of the Iron Curtain, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others can cover up ideas that they hate. But so long as men and women remain free, they cannot hide them forever.

Orfalea has crafted a masterpiece of research, audio-visual editing, and fearless presentation. He deserves sustained applause from Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives, and honest Americans across the political spectrum for exposing the weapons-grade double standards and head-spinning hypocrisy of today’s Democrat-Left. Their jugulars bulge as they bellow at the Republican-Right’s post-2020 “election denial,” even though they did likewise after 2016, but with far more political violence.

Manhattan political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.

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