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ManBearPig Lives! Al Gore Pledges to Save Us All at Davos
Al Gore at the 2023 World Economic Forum (The Rubin Report/YouTube)

“I come as the possessor of the book of Destiny to banish political and moral darkness and to erect the theory of universal harmony upon the ruins of the uncertain science,” Charles Fourier proclaimed two centuries ago to a deaf world.

But after the peculiar Frenchman’s passing, America, if not the world, listened.

Fourier offered a complex theory that sought to direct humans toward their interests. According to his calculations, precisely 810 passional combinations existed. So, each of his communal phalanxes would house 1,620 people — a man and woman for each passional combination — that could pursue cooking, constructing, cleaning, cobbling, i.e., each doing what his or her internal compass, uncovered by science, directed them to do.

Upon the launch of millions of such communes, a sort of millennium on steroids would arrive. The realization of Fourier’s communistic theories guaranteed not just world peace, the perfectibility of man, and heaven on earth, but giant humans living for centuries, friendly sharks and lions, oceans resembling lemonade, new moons, and the aurora borealis forming a crown upon the earth.

When Fourier shared his writings with the American embassy in Paris, a diplomat judged them “either a genuine curiosity or the emanation of a disturbed brain.”

But fashionable people, particularly around Boston and New York, thought otherwise. Those converted to Fourierism included Unitarian minister George Ripley, newspaperman Charles Dana, and novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, whose Blithedale Romance provided an honest look back at the Brook Farm folly where they all lived as communists. Prominent people in American society, including, especially, future Democratic Party presidential nominee Horace Greeley, fell for the prophecies of a madman.

Fourier immediately invaded thoughts when encountering another failed Democratic Party presidential nominee’s rather incredible remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum earlier this week.

Al Gore compared the daily release of greenhouse gases to exploding 600,000 atomic bombs every 24 hours (still, the people of Hiroshima vote for the former over the latter). He blamed xenophobia, authoritarianism, and mass migration on the weather. He went further in ascribing to politics meteorological phenomena, both real and imaginary.

“That’s what’s boiling the oceans, creating these atmospheric rivers, and the rain bombs, and sucking the moisture out of the land, and creating the droughts, and melting the ice and raising the sea level, and causing these waves of climate refugees,” he breathlessly said of greenhouse gases to the audience in Davos (where the mercury reaches a high of 18 degrees Fahrenheit today).

He warned of all sorts of boogeymen, save for ManBearPig, unless we put into practice his political ideology.

Like heaven on earth, do as I say or we all die serves as an exceptionally persuasive argument. Al Gore’s doomsday threats serve as the B-side to Charles Fourier’s millennialist promise.

They both sing from the same sheet of music on the same record. Both redeemers depict themselves as saving the world. They both challenge followers to sacrifice and turn over power to achieve the desired end. Both of them portray the adoption of leftist politics as the necessary precondition to save the world. And they both cloak themselves in science even as they issue proclamations that make the ongoings on Stranger Things appear realistic in comparison.

Are boiling oceans that much different on the reality scale from lemonade seas?

The use of meteorological phenomena to move the mass of people to action strikes as the most primitive trick of political con men. One thinks of Christopher Columbus using a lunar eclipse to threaten the natives with the disappearance of the moon lest they fed his men and labored for him. Gore’s warnings — many of which, such as the melting of the snow on Kilimanjaro, proved false —come from the same playbook studied by Columbus and Chicken Little.

Yet, people imagining themselves as sophisticates act like simpletons in the face of such crude manipulation.

Fourier, whose trip to the mailbox every day ended in disappointment in finding no bequest subsidizing his genius, nevertheless held out hope. “I, alone and unaided, shall have confounded 20 centuries of political imbecility; it is to me that present and future generations will owe the initiative of their immense happiness,” he assessed.

Al Gore possesses the good sense not to say this at the World Economic Forum. But one guesses that on the jet flight from the United States, or the SUV trip from the airport, such grandiose thoughts cross his mind.

And, of course, in a political environment in which Nostradamus-like prophecies about the weather forecast for 2042 pass for sagacity, mind reading passes fair-play muster.

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