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Letters to the Editor: Corona Monomania

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On Shutdowns, Only Binary Options — or Not?

From day one, we’ve been addressing the COVID-19 pandemic from a single variable analysis — preventing the community spread of disease by going into shutdown mode. While protecting our physical health is obviously an important issue, it can’t be the only issue we’re addressing.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this concept.

I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with the fact that we need to get our nation back to work. The problem, I believe, is we’re viewing the return to “normalcy” based on an “either/or” decision.

We either remain in shutdown mode and totally disregard the economy, or we open the economy back up and totally disregard our health. 

This is simply not accurate and the plan to move forward doesn’t only consist of binary options.

Contrary to the current mindset, there is a way to protect our health while also allowing our nation to get back to work.

First off, we need to understand that there needs to be a balancing of risk/reward in any decision we make. If you ask most health professionals, they’ll say keep social distancing; if you ask most politicians, they’ll say open up the economy.

Who is right and who is wrong?

The answer is they’re both right.

There’s a way to meet in the middle and it starts with acknowledging the fact that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health. 

While our medical professionals’ answers are based in science, our political leaders’ solutions are more like an art. The trick is to find a way to blend the two. It’s time to start placing some responsibility on ourselves and our fellow Americans to do the right thing.

Let’s all analyze the facts, make informed decisions based on the data that’s available, and proceed in what we feel is the safest way possible for our individual scenario. Just because a governor says businesses can reopen doesn’t mean you have to run out to get a tattoo or a manicure. Continue to stay inside if you like.   

And lastly, don’t try to shame the people who aren’t adhering to your definition of “social distancing.” Save your Facebook posts for the more exciting stuff, like letting everyone know how amazing your life is.

Eric Rittmeyer 

April 23

Too Much!

Too much government! Way too much government!

If we’ve learned anything at all from the socialist/communist countries, it is that too much government eventually drives national economies down the drain.

America has fallen into that trap. Trump of all people is not part of those favoring socialistic government control. But he has been drawn into it by the medical-socialists in his administration.

New York Gov. Cuomo has endorsed tight government control right down to the barbershop level. Mayor de Blasio of New York City is even worse, as the city is probably finished as a viable, function, economic enterprise.

I’d like to think that no one close to me will die from COVID-19, but that’s not realistic. I’ve had it. Others I know have had it. Most have recovered. Getting sick is part of life and eventually death. I don’t want anyone in my family to die from this. I don’t want to die from this virus. But that’s not realistic. Government cannot stop people from dying. And COVID-19 is going to add a few people to the overall death rate of our country and other countries. That’s reality! And socialism will add many more in the fullness of time.

The leftists have finally found a way to impose big government control and money on the American people and the American free enterprise system. It has at last put big government in the driver seat. They are doing it every day and Americans are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. And it has quickly spun out of the control of President Trump. He has no hope but to employ short term socialistic solutions if he hopes to be reelected.

What a tragedy for our once competitive, free enterprise, prosperous economy. We are plunging toward a full blown depression with no realistic painless solution in sight! By the time the public at large figure this out it will be too late to salvage the American Way … I hope I’m wrong!

William A. Pauwels. Sr.

April 22

A Stay-at-Home Order for Manufacturing

If there was ever a time … now is that time to bring our products home. It might just be the perfect way to send China a message that we did not appreciate their coronavirus! There’s been some finger-pointing by the Chinese, but then they are good at that. When any civilized society allows a practice like consumption of wild animals such as bats … and some of their markets that would not truly be fit for dogs’ consumption, then it is no mystery that dangerous viruses are spread throughout the world.

China cannot have it both ways; they cannot want to be a major player in the world’s economic theater and yet insist on practicing a lifestyle that would date back to prehistoric times.

If there was ever a world leader … an American president who could bring back America’s products to our American soil, it is the man who currently occupies the White House because dealing on the world stage and dealing with ruthless world players is no novelty to Donald Trump.

While it’s true that manufacturers are profiting from cheaper labor abroad, there must be a solution that can keep everyone happy. It has to be costing these same manufacturers more to ship these products back home. And perhaps it’s time that our beloved American Walmarts and other brand stores such as Target and Bed Bath and Beyond figure a way to purchase American for Americans.

The American consumer is not free from guilt in this scenario, however. If they weren’t crowding the aisles of stores like Walmart to buy cheap in order to buy more, or for the sake of saving a few bucks on merchandise that does not and never did compete with “made in the USA,” then those stores would not continue buying from China. So, if Americans are rumbling and mumbling now about wanting to go back to work, let this pandemic tragedy be a lesson to what can happen when we do business with a country like China.

It won’t be an easy task to undertake, but this president has not had an easy task since he’s occupied the White House. This COVID-19 pandemic is just one of many wrenches that has been tossed in his lap. And each time he has overcome the obstacles that would make most individuals want to throw in the towel. So while this may be one of his greater challenges, I would suggest that it will not be an insurmountable one.

Much can be accomplished by bringing our products back to our shores at this time. Americans are ready to show their patriotism. The lesson has been learned by manufacturers and consumers. And the man who is capable of accomplishing this goal is ready, willing, and able to stand up to the challenge.

Eugenio M. Albano                                                                                  

April 20

From Daniel J. Flynn’s Spectator A.M. Newsletter

Dear Dan,

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Your opening paragraph [on Trump’s immigration restriction] this morning may be announcing the most important single action of this presidency, and the most important principle of the America First movement. The crowning glory of the Great Society was without doubt the ultimate in American globalism, the Immigration Act of 1965 (followed of course by the titanic mistake made by the sainted Reagan, its completion in the Immigration Act of 1985). Nothing can happen to reverse (or at least control) the Great New Deal of the 20th Century until our immigration policy is completely overhauled. The Chinese Flu may have allowed this to happen.

John Willson

April 21

Hi Dan,

Thanks for pointing me toward a George Carlin video yesterday morning. I forgot how funny he could be. Good thing I work from home and could watch about 20 of his routines throughout the day.

Always enjoy the Spectator A.M. newsletter, and save me a copy of your three books — the check is (almost) in the mail.

Steve DeLance

April 22

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