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Let’s Clean House

Here I am in Washington, D.C., my home town. Yesterday I gave a speech at a hotel in Tysons’ Corners, Virginia. It has become an immense metropolis. I remember when there was almost nothing there. Wow, am I old or what?

After the speech, our little group had lunch at a steak house, a modest steak house. We had an extremely capable and pleasant Asian woman as our server. She turned out to be from Cambodia. Her name was Srey. I could not keep myself from thinking of the horrors she has seen and what a great change life in suburban Virginia must be for her. God bless America. She told me she had seen me on TV and asked if I would take her to Hollywood with me. Cute.

However, today, I am doing other errands. First my wife and I visited our pal, Mary Carroll, who works at the Watergate. She has diabetes and many other ailments. I love her a lot so wifey and I cruised over to GW Hospital and held her hand. It was an eerie experience because her room had almost the identical view to the room I had at the old building at GW Hospital where, in 1950, I had surgery for a torn muscle in my abdomen. I can vividly recall wrestling with the nurse to keep her from drawing blood from me. I can also recall the feeling I had when they gave me ether — as if my head were being dragged around in a circle on a street pavement.

So, we greeted Mary Carroll, kissed her, and then we went over to Capitol Hill to wish happy birthday to my scholarly and charming nephew, Paul, and to say hello to my niece, Emily, and her astoundingly smart, lovely, and polite children Zooey and Penelope.

 They were such charming and adorable girls, aged, I think, about 5 and 8, but don’ t hold me to that as an exact number, that my head was spinning for hours afterwards. Paul and Emily have done something very right.

Then, off to Oxford, Maryland, in a foggy drizzle. It was a fine trip and Oxford was atmospheric and haunting in the rain. We had dinner, as usual, at The Tidewater Inn. Crab soup. Crabcakes. Smith Island Cake. Maybe as good a meal as I have ever had.

Then, a detour through pitch black rural Talbot and Caroline counties, to avoid an immense traffic jam, then back to the Watergate. I slept almost all of the way.

Now, I am back in Los Angeles. Since Washington, we went to Boise, Idaho, where I spoke to wonderfully friendly Chamber of Commerce people. My host, Bill, took me to lunch with some super successful (really, really successful) people, including the Governor, Butch Otter. He has his head on right about government spending and he has no pretentiousness about him at all. I liked him and the other fab men and women at the lunch a lot. Alas, Gov. Otter has to take a welding class at the community college so he will miss my speech.

One of the men there, Orville Thompson, along with his wife, founded a scented candle company that uses little incandescent bulbs instead of burning wicks to generate a pleasant smell. The company is thriving stupendously. Another man there runs an immense pet meds company, also booming. Just great people. 

There is still opportunity in America.

The best part of the trip though was a tour of the Idaho state Capitol. It is a stately, domed, elegant building, like the U.S. Capitol — except it is in Idaho so there are no metal detectors and no guards. Not any.


Thence to Chicago for a speech this morning with some super smart finance people. Last night was dinner with John Coyne, witty and spectacularly intelligent man whom I know from Nixon days.

Then to the airport and back to L.A., with me reading about World War II most of the way.

The debate between Vice President Biden and Rep. Ryan was over by the time we landed, but C-SPAN kindly replayed it.

I am bound to say that Mr. Biden is so smooth he makes me listen for the hissing sound before he strikes. He is really so smooth it’ s almost unearthly. I loved him calling Mr. Ryan “my friend” just as his fangs sank in.

Mr. Ryan was clearly nervous — and who wouldn’ t be? It was an unfair debate. The “moderator,” a Martha Raddatz, was so much on Biden’ s side that she should have had him sitting in her lap. The mainstream media is totally in the tank for Obama/Biden, only she made no bones about it at all.

Still, Mr. Biden did a good job but I kept thinking a humble thought:

He talks constantly about how much he and Mr. Obama are going to do for “the middle class.” Wait a minute. They have been in office for almost four years. They have not done one single meaningful thing for the middle class. What on earth is he talking about? Why doesn’ t the conservative press nail him on that? I mean, this ” lifting up the middle class” thing is a con. The Obama government has done zilch for the middle class.

Yes, they have added about fifteen million on food stamps. Yes, they have millions more on welfare. But I must have missed what they have done for the middle class. That’ s just empty words.

By the way, there is no way the feds can ” lift up” the middle class. The middle class has to do it themselves by work and education. I guess no one is allowed to say that.

Still, Mr. Biden is a darned good debater and a perfect politician. But… he did not answer about why Mr. Obama never even submits budgets, but that might be too embarrassing. How do you explain that a super human genius like Barack Obama, head of the Harvard Law Review without ever doing any scholarly work at all, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize after NINE DAYS in office, a man who went from nothing to President instantly, cannot be bothered to submit a budget?

I guess he’ s too smart to worry about sordid money matters.

Meanwhile the Obama cover-up on Libya goes on. The hearing yesterday in D.C. made it perfectly clear that Mr. Obama knew that his explanation of what happened in Libya was a lie from day one. He knew the killings at the Benghazi consulate were premeditated terrorism by an al Qaeda affiliate from the first day.

But he lied about it from the first day. So did Mrs. Clinton and Ambassador Rice. And when Gov. Romney manfully spoke out about Mr. Obama’ s apologies to murderers, and his incompetence, the MSM CRUCIFIED HIM and told us he was a fool and naive and too political to be responsible for foreign relations. It turns out, of course, that Romney was totally correct and Mr. Obama and the media were totally wrong.

Has anyone in the MSM apologized? Has Mr. Obama apologized? Has that pitiful Mrs. Rice at the UN apologized? Has Mrs. Clinton resigned?

No, and the Obama/media axis keeps on covering up. At the hearing yesterday, Rep. Elijah Cummings, of my beloved Maryland, a leading light of the Congressional Black Caucus and a power in the Oversight Committee, read a vicious attack on the Committee and its chair, Mr. Issa, for daring to ask the administration any questions at all about the murders in Libya and the clear cut cover-up.

But wait. I know how Washington works. Mr. Cummings is a fine man. But I would bet dollars to donuts that the Obama White House wrote his remarks — remarks aimed at keeping the coverup going.

Yes. It has been a month now. The administration have been shown to be complete liars about this Libya thing, have once again apologized to thugs, have attacked the First Amendment, have done the kowtow to killers — and they are still doing it. Still covering up.

And the MSM is Mr. Obama’ s accomplice in this cruel hoax and betrayal. Why is Mr. Obama doing this? What is his agenda in the never ending kowtow to bad people? We had better start thinking about that because it is not pretty.

Meanwhile, let’s play house. Let’s play, “Clean the house.”

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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