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Let Me Get This Straight

Labor Day
This was an educational summer. We learned this summer that when terrorists kill Jews, that’s legitimate anger and frustration. When Jews defend themselves, that’s genocide.

We learned that Europe, which Henry Ford called “that slaughterhouse of nations” or something similar, is still chock a block with anti-Semites who are wildly happy to join hands with the emerging Muslim majority in Europe to torture the Jews.

We learned that the elite media, especially the New York Times, will turn on Israel and the Jews and seek to curry favor with the enemies of Jews and of America in any way they can. (Yes, of course Jews own the New York Times but the Jews who own the Times are white Jews.)

Big stuff.

We also learned that it’s probably not a great idea to attack a policeman in his car and try to take his weapon away from him even if you are 6’4″ and 300 pounds of muscle. And we learned that if the man who has this bad idea is shot by a white man, it’s cause for riots and looting. But if 15,000 black people are killed by other black people every year, that’s not worth mentioning.

We learned from no less a genius than Cornel West of Princeton (and I can remember when Princeton was considered the finest college in the nation, autres temps, autres moeurs!) that somehow Israel and its Jews had something to do with the “oppression” of the black people in America, and that when Israel defended itself against Hamas butchery, that naturally black people were therefore “blood brothers” of the Palestinians. Somehow, in some way that is only clear to Professor West, Israel has something to do with the shooting in Ferguson and with the general felt mistreatment of blacks in general.

This is a connection only possible to be made in a mind as subtle as Dr. West’s.

We learned just yesterday that the Obama Democrats, who were supposed to be about eliminating racial feeling in the USA, were whipping it up as fast as they could to get out the black vote in November. In some way that only geniuses like Al Sharpton and John Lewis could fathom, the shooting death of a large man who attacked a policeman in his patrol car was caused (you see) by the Republicans. Yes. In some secret way, the Republicans killed Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, totally innocent lambs. How they did it has yet to be explained (but probably some genius at Princeton knows). But take it from President Obama’s top attack dogs, the GOP was behind all of this killing of the two black men. Never mind that there is no connection. If the Party says there is a connection, as Orwell noted, there is a connection.

So, here we are in year five and a half of Obama’s America, with the White House itself whipping up race hatred. Can you even imagine — just TRY to imagine — if the GOP sent out e-mails saying, “Black people are attacking policemen… Vote Republican!” Can you even imagine it?

Has there been any President since Woodrow Wilson who has explicitly set out to stir up race hatred? There is now.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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