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KJP Sucks This Much
Karine Jean-Pierre in news briefing, Oct. 11, 2022 (PBS NewsHour/YouTube)

On Monday I had a post at RVIVR, which is my other site, noting that as the polls begin to harmonize around the idea that yes, contrary to all the frenetic legacy corporate Democrat-shill media narratives, there will in fact be a red wave in November, Democrats are becoming desperate.

And they’re throwing everything they can find into the mix in a desperate attempt to stave off that red wave. That’s why you’ve got the “Inflation Reduction Act” which doesn’t reduce inflation, it’s why Team Biden now touts a half-trillion-dollar student loan bailout bacchanal which nobody thinks is good policy, it’s why the president just pardoned all the dope dealers in America who pled down to possession charges from the federal prisons, it’s why he dumped 10 million barrels of oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve after the unmitigated failure to stop OPEC from kicking sand in his face, and it’s why Joe Biden is running his senile old mouth about nuclear Armageddon.

None of these things are about prudent governance. They’re actually not even about smart politics. In every case, they’re actions that will likely alienate more voters than they’ll attract. But when you’re in desperation/salvage mode you do things to activate your base, and Team Biden, which is really akin to a fuzzy toilet seat cover over what is really Team Obama, is trying to save as many Democrats as possible by ginning up soft blue voters who can’t quite delude themselves into the idea that things are going well.

That isn’t to say what they’re doing is effective. In fact, the truest thing you can say about Team Biden/Team Obama is that they suck at promoting and implementing their sucktastic agenda. Nevertheless, there is a purpose behind the suck, and it’s to get all the Usual Suspects out to vote in November.

Which is why you see idiocy like this:

Pump up the base as best you can, and hope those independents increasingly caucusing with the GOP don’t turn out in those “Leans Democrat” and toss-up districts.

Because when Joe Biden is sitting at 38 percent despite being the “best President in modern American history,” well … there isn’t much else you can do.

And there is especially not much else you can do when the face and voice of your administration is Karine Jean-Pierre, the first White House press secretary explicitly chosen for criteria unrelated to the performance of her job.

Racist criteria, actually. Among other things.

KJP is black, immigrant, and lesbian, and therefore she is immune from criticism.

But the thing is, she would catch less criticism from which she supposedly needs immunity if she didn’t abjectly suck at her job.

What are we talking about? This:

What was this that supposedly was evidence of KJP’s burblings? This:

Sen. Tuberville was emphatic but not quite erudite in his speech last week, and in doing so he fed the media monster and gave the flailing Democrats what they believe is a life preserver. The usual suspects have all come out with their scolding op-eds about “dog whistles” and “segregation.”

But ordinary Americans of all races know exactly what Tuberville meant. And what he said was true, which is that the same urban Democrat race hustlers who demand things like cashless bail and defunding the police and revolving-door criminal justice systems are the ones constantly pushing for critical race theory and slavery reparations. At least, they were until that unfortunate Don Lemon incident.

And it isn’t a black thing; it’s an urban Democrat thing. Bill de Blasio, Larry Krasner, and Ted Wheeler are every bit as pro-criminal as LaToya Cantrell, Lori Lightfoot, and Cori Bush. It just so happens that the criminal class in our urban areas is overwhelmingly black.

Just as the victims of that violent criminal class are overwhelmingly black.

The black middle class isn’t in the streets demanding reparations. The black middle class got good jobs and moved out of those Democrat Machine–run urban hellholes as fast as they could. Their complaint is that in the suburbs, their mostly white neighbors roll their eyes and whisper “there goes the neighborhood” when the moving vans pull into the new driveway.

But that’s nobody’s fault, really. The neighbors in New Hope and Cumming aren’t afraid of the skin color; they just don’t want the problems of the dead blue cities in their live red suburbs. And it’s that attitude that attracted the black middle class into that uncomfortable meeting in the first place.

It’s nobody’s fault except for the low-life machine politicians in urban areas who practice Weaponized Governmental Failure upon their mostly-black, beleaguered constituents in those dead blue cities they control and thus create this strange and uncomfortable dynamic. And those machine politicians can’t stop blaming the white refugees for their own failure, not bothering to note that the suburbs get more racially diverse as the cities suck worse and worse.

You know how this works. First go the schools, then the police, then the streets full of potholes, then the running water. And all along, there’s a hack like KJP whinging about the “systemic racism” that causes the misery.

Tommy Tuberville spent more than two decades coaching college football. He’s been in the homes of more black families than KJP ever will, and he’s positively affected the lives of more current black millionaires than KJP ever will. Hell, maybe more than any of these urban Democrat race hustlers, black or white. If Tuberville were a real racist he would have been smoked out long ago and never would have had the success he did. (READ MORE on Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden’s Border Cover-Up Becomes Border Standoff)

But none of that matters when you’re in Desperation/Salvage Mode. The race card must be played, regardless of the truth. All those desperate people in Democrat-dominated urban areas must be dragooned to the polls to save … whom?

John Fetterman, who chases black joggers with shotguns and vandalizes black-owned businesses? Mark Kelly, who confuses Hispanics with monkeys?

It’s gotten so pathetic that KJP complained about “Dog” Mastriano (a verbal slip which was badly disguised rather than unintentional) attacking Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro in an anti-Semitic fashion. Why? Because Mastriano, the state senator running for governor, noted that Shapiro opposes school choice while putting his kids in an exclusive school. Mastriano didn’t care that it was a Jewish school; he cared that regular people who can’t afford such hoity-toity education ought to have choices for their kids, too.

But when you can flip over those dog-eared race cards and it’s all you have after you’ve burned down the economy and the culture and put every amendment in the Bill of Rights under threat, go for it.

You go, KJP. We know it’s all you’ve got. This is how much you suck.

Scott McKay
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Scott McKay is a contributing editor at The American Spectator  and publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics, and RVIVR.com, a national political news aggregation and opinion site. Additionally, he's the author of the new book The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era, available at Amazon.com. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his three Tales of Ardenia novels Animus, Perdition and Retribution at Amazon. Scott's other project is The Speakeasy, a free-speech social and news app with benefits - check it out here.
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