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The America I Love Does Not Pepper-Spray Jews
Jews for Trump under attack in New York (YouTube screenshot)

I’ll be straightforward about this. I am scared of a Biden/Harris victory. I will tell you why:

A few days ago, there was a small rally in New York City of “Jews for Trump.” It was mostly Jewish families in SUVs flying Trump/Pence flags and flags saying “Jews for Trump.” The motorcade was attacked by Biden/Harris supporters cursing at them as Jews and as Trump supporters. The words hurled at them were straight out of Der Stürmer, the Nazi magazine that was the most hostile to Jews of anything that Dr. Goebbels ran out.

This was in New York City. In the last few days. In 2020. The attackers threw rocks and eggs at the Jews. They pounded on the car windows of the Jews. A woman anti-Semite opened a car door and pepper-sprayed a family, including two small children.

I have been pepper-sprayed. It hurts like hell, and the victim feels as if he or she is choking to death. I was pepper-sprayed when I was in law school at Yale, and I was 24 and it was terrifying. I was happy to do it, though, because I was trying to march to bring U.S. troops home from Vietnam.

My father-in-law, Col. Dale Denman, Jr., awardee of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Distinguished Service Medal for his valor in Germany in World War II and in Vietnam in 1965, had asked me to do anything I could to stop the war. “It’s a meat grinder,” he told me, with tears in his eyes. “We’ll never win and my friends are getting killed for nothing.”

Anyway, pepper spray was horrible. But I was a grown-up and I was asking for it. The disgusting people who pepper-sprayed small children because their parents were Jews for Trump are basically Nazis. Those kids and their parents could not have been more innocent.

If these are the tactics of the Biden/Harris supporters, I would expect the harshest reproaches from Biden and Harris. I have yet to see them. This scares me plenty.

When I look at the Biden/Harris supporters in Congress I see angry men and women. They do not love the America I know. They want an America where the government tells me who will live next to me. The government tells me what kind of house I will live in, what kind of car I will drive, and what doctor I can see.

That’s not the America I love. The America I love allows me the maximum of choice in every aspect of my life. It tells me very little. It does not order me around unless I am in the military or unless we are at war. The America I love does not require that we all be equal in terms of where we live and what we eat and wear. Of course, we must all be equal under the law. But we do not have to end up equally well paid. If I work hard and learn a useful skill, I should live better than a listless drug addict. If I take care of my children, I deserve more respect than a man who knocks up his woman then abandons her and the child. No, I do not think that man is a decent human. I think Biden and Harris will kiss that man’s backside endlessly as long as he votes Democrat. You, American Spectator reader, and I, American Spectator writer, will end up supporting that man and his kids forever. I don’t like that. There’s no allowance for saying that today. It’s considered politically incorrect. I don’t care. It’s true and it’s morally right. That’s what counts for me and my little world.

American Jews getting gassed in New York City by Biden supporters and the possible future president takes little or no notice.

Breathtakingly awful.

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Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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