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Four More Things About Last Night’s Debate
Debate moderator Kristen Welker (YouTube screenshot)

Now for a few words about the Biden–Trump debate last night.

First, it broke my heart that both candidates competed to outbid each other on how many black criminals they would let out of prison or would not have imprisoned in the first place.

Obviously, no one in his right mind wants to see men imprisoned because of their race. That would be Nazism. Clearly, no sane man favors Nazism. But men are in prison in the United States almost always because they have been convicted of a crime. They often have also appealed that conviction. In many jurisdictions, even for felonies, they are not imprisoned for the first one unless it is violent.

Imprisoned men in the United States are not there because of their race. They are there because a court of law has found them to be criminals. There are no Gestapo vans cruising up and down the streets of this country arresting people because of their race. The law-abiding people of this country are safer because criminals are in prison. The concern of political leaders presumably would be the safety of law-abiding citizens, not letting guilty people out of prison.

It’s heart-rending that politicians of both parties have to get on their knees to beg to be allowed to let criminals out of prison.

Second, it amazes me that Biden completely got away with simply ignoring the black-and-white finding that his son was getting bribes from various foreign governments. Of course, the “moderator” would not press the point. As a media person, she could not have been expected to look very hard for the truth about Joe Biden.

Third, it’s pitiful that a major part of the Biden “environment program” is to make people live and work in rooms with smaller windows. It’s really depressing to work in a room with small windows. Doesn’t the state of mind of our fellow Americans count for anything?

Fourth, did Biden really say that the USA was good friends with Hitler until “Hitler invaded Europe”? I think he did. Doesn’t Biden know that Germany has always been a big part of Europe? Hitler did not “invade Europe.” He invaded some large parts of Europe, but Germany was always and still is part of Europe. You can’t “invade” a continent you’re already in. Plus, I’d like to see some evidence that even the deeply anti-Semitic FDR State Department was “good friends” with Hitler, as Biden said they were. That’s simply a fantasy. It’s troubling that Joe is so confused.

In fact, the whole thing is troubling. We are having a second media coup. The first was Watergate. This is the second, and it’s deeply disturbing. Goodbye to the golden years of America.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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