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It’s Time for American and European Conservatives to Collaborate
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The Left is fixated on globalism. The UN. Davos. The São Paulo Forum. I don’t believe in grand conspiracies, but neither do I believe in coincidences. The plan is clear.

On the other hand, the Right is incapable of coming together beyond its own borders. Neither politicians nor civil society, nor media outlets from different countries join forces. It’s a pretty smart way to lose the war before it starts. The only reason we haven’t lost yet is that we are right.

The discourse from Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres, left-wing philanthropist George Soros, and French President Emmanuel Macron is interchangeable. Suspiciously interchangeable. So much so that it seems to have been written in the same backroom of a Parisian lodge.

As a conservative and fan of freedom, I dread the idea of something like this happening, but there should be some middle ground between mimicking world leaders and weaving certain networks of cooperation. No, I don’t mean the typical panel conference with international guests once a year, a little drinking, a little dancing, a little flirting, and then everyone goes home with a little hangover, selfies, and a smile; I’m referring to something more fluid and ongoing. There are a lot of conservative American intellectuals whose voices are barely heard in Europe and vice versa, and it is almost impossible to find agreements between conservative media outlets on both sides of the pond. Why?

As conservatives, our overall plan is much better and easier to implement than the Left’s. We want national sovereignty and respect for the family, property, life, and damn gas-guzzling cars. Besides, we like rich people, hate taxes, dislike Bill Gates, and have a passion for thick, fatty meat. We enjoy exercising our freedom. We can place a bronze bust of H. L. Mencken on our desk next to a bust of G. K. Chesterton without our heads exploding. That is something that the Left will never be able to do. We are much closer to the thinking of any European or American than the psychopathic gang that has taken power in governments, media, and big corporations in America and Europe. We are more, but our voice is heard much less.

Unlike woke apostles, we do not believe in the infinite goodness of human beings, but we naturally take into account their inclination to evil. We have all read The Lord of the Flies. It is enough for us to look into our souls to know that we are scoundrels whom God blessed with his mercy, and we do not believe that the rest of the world is much different. That allows us to be far more effective at solving most of the problems that are solvable. That’s another interesting point: We know that there are problems to which the solutions are out of our hands, including century-long changes to the Earth’s temperature. The Left believes it can accomplish anything if it wishes hard enough. The Left is a snake oil salesman named Paulo Coelho.

It is quite awkward for me to have to make this appeal. Anyone who knows me knows that there is no one on Earth who is more allergic to the masses, to associations, to belonging to acronyms, and to anything that involves, even slightly, even formally, mortgaging my freedom of thought and expression. For better and for worse, I feel more comfortable in the role of John Wayne than in that of St. Teresa of Calcutta. But the truth is that a glance around invites us to reflect on and wonder why we conservatives are fighting a huge war machine with only a tiny slingshot when everyone knows we have a bigger one.

That is another matter. Not only are we better at everything than the contemporary totalitarian Left, but we’re better looking. Take a look at Twitter and compare the gorgeous conservative influencers with the bitter, masculinized girls of the woke universe. Particularly after observing ours, I have no qualms about partnering up with all of them and doing things together, even if it’s just reading some William F. Buckley Jr. with a few bottles of wine and then going out dancing. Anything for the cause.

Translated by Joel Dalmau.

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