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It’s About Time Liberals Apologize for Their COVID Policies
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a press briefing on May 2, 2020, in New York, New York (Ron Adar/Shutterstock)

In the summer of 2020, as I have done every summer for the past 30 years, I commuted between my home in Kansas City and my cottage on Lake Erie in Chautauqua County, New York.

I was reminded of that summer when I came across a photo of a mandatory form that passengers from Missouri had to fill out before landing anywhere in New York state. At the time, Missouri was deemed a COVID “hot spot.” On the bottom of the form I wrote, “Under protest, self-destructive, wasteful, oppressive.”

The author’s note

The author’s note

Walking through the Buffalo airport, form in hand, passengers heard a repeated message from Gov. Andrew Cuomo hectoring us about masks and social distancing.

Before leaving the secure area of the airport, we all passed through a checkpoint manned by the men and women of the National Guard who were there to collect our forms.

Feeling more rebellious than usual — I had been rebelling since Day One of the lockdown — I chose to run the gauntlet without handing in my card. As I walked past the guardsmen, eyes straight ahead, I imagined myself an East German refugee at Checkpoint Charlie conning his way into the West and waiting to hear someone bark out the last word he would ever hear, “Achtung.” (It helped that at the time I didn’t know what Achtung meant. It just sounded right.) In any case, no one said anything. Score one for the resistance.

Friends who drove from Missouri to visit us that summer chose to fill out their forms online in advance even though the state borders were not manned. The whole process was an exercise in mendacity. Visitors to New York state had to promise to quarantine for 14 days in a facility in which they would have their own bathroom. At our place, as our guests knew, we have only one bathroom.

As part of the state’s service to visitors, some health apparatchik called our guests daily, asking intrusive questions about their wellbeing and confirming they were honoring the quarantine. They weren’t. No one did. Everyone lied.

The good liberals at the Chautauqua Institute, the site of the brutal Salman Rushdie stabbing, shut down for the summer. Like good liberals throughout the county — throughout America for that matter — they were eager to comply.

Liberals everywhere were even more eager to scold those who didn’t comply. I had death wished on me more than a few times. On one memorable occasion, an uber-Karen condemned a blind friend and me to an eternity rotting in hell.

Elsewhere in the Trump-friendly county, people resisted. Out for a drive one day around Chautauqua Lake, I passed a diner whose billboard-sized sign caught my eye. I did a quick U-turn to read it more carefully. It read simply, “We SUPPORT the CONSTITUTION! OPEN UP NEW YORK!” The Village Restaurant is located in DeWittville, New York, a town too small to merit a Wikipedia page. The motto of the Village Restaurant — “The best diner in DeWittville” — is a testament to the owners’ sense of humor. In the summer of 2020, they needed it. I fell in love with the place’s mask-free ambiance immediately.

In the county’s extensive Amish areas, the locals didn’t even notice the lockdown. Not big CNN watchers — you kind of need electricity for that — they may not have known there was a pandemic. In the nation’s rural areas that summer, COVID wasn’t a thing. When I drove east from Missouri to New York, I had no trouble finding small diners indifferent to state mandates. My favorite was in Hannibal, Missouri. In the spirit of Huck Finn, the whole town ignored the rules.

This week I am flying back into Buffalo from Missouri. My fellow passengers and I will not be wearing masks, filling out forms, or ducking National Guardsmen. For sure, Andrew Cuomo will not be shaming us into compliance through the airport’s speakers. Buffalo will once again resemble America.

Has COVID been licked? Well, not exactly. In checking the Missouri numbers on the New York TimesMap and Case Count,” I was surprised to see that despite a 57 percent vaccination rate statewide, Missouri case numbers are up substantially from the summer of 2020. Hospitalizations and deaths are roughly comparable. (READ MORE: The COVID Skeptics Were Right)

COVID seems to be here to stay, spiking like the flu in winter and subsiding in the spring. Although problematic, the disease should never have led to panic. In its 30-month run, COVID has been credited with killing less than one-half of one percent of all Missourians, many of whom would have died of other causes during that period.

The numbers never supported the Left’s tyranny, not even for those few promised weeks to “flatten the curve.” As we learned, our good liberal friends did not need much prompting to defy the Constitution, rob us of our freedoms, and crush our small businesses. As the nation’s reopening reminds them, however, it was all for naught. “Science” has abandoned them — their jabs, their masks, their lockdowns, all useless or worse.

Liberals, we know, like to apologize for things they personally did not do — own slaves, kill Indians, intern Japanese Americans. COVID presents the opportunity for them to apologize for something they did do.

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