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Is This the Presidential Leadership We Deserve?

Hot, hot, hot, once again. Thank you, dear God, for air conditioning. Thank you also for my Julie, next to whom I awakened. She was fast asleep. Occasionally she ran in her sleep and hit me in the face with her brown and white paws, each one of which is immense.

I got up and walked down the hall to my wife’s sick room. She has bad bronchitis and coughs and cannot stay asleep. She sleeps in an ice cold room with her dog, also a GSP named JoJo. Alex — that’s wifey — was fast asleep with an angelic look on her heavenly face.

Alex has literally perfect features. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect eyebrows, perfect lips, perfect cheekbones. Just immaculate. And she sleeps in her pearls with Jojo’s hind paws in her face.

I let her sleep. I took out Julie and went through my e-mails and the news.

What on earth is Mr. Obama doing? That’s what I keep thinking. The Middle East is on fire. We are not even close to stopping ISIS. It is steadily growing, absorbing more people and more territory like a cancerous tumor. Yes, occasionally it has setbacks and it can be stopped. As Stalin told Churchill about the Nazis, no one is immortal and unstoppable. Anyone who gets shot goes down. But there just don’t seem to be enough people ready to risk beheading by shooting at ISIS.

(Why does Mr. Obama call it “ISIL”? Pure, unmixed phony intellectual affectation. Like people who wear horn-rimmed glasses with clear lenses to look smart.)

Airstrikes won’t do it. We know that. And we know that Iraq was an unhappy experience for us. But let large parts of the oil world be taken over by vicious, criminal sadist madmen when we have the forces to stop them cold? What is Mr. Obama waiting for?

Then there’s Ukraine and soon Estonia. Mr. Putin has already told us he wants to reassemble the USSR, just as Hitler said he wanted to subjugate Russia. Since he’s already well along in the process, why should we doubt that more of Ukraine plus the Baltics are next? Why even question it? And what would we do if Russia moved into Tallinn? Nothing and NATO would be dead. Mr. Obama is perilously close to simply abolishing the most successful alliance of all time out of sheer fearfulness and ignorance.

Terrifying to think of how much Putin has pushed us around. We have roughly (very roughly) 180 million more people than Russia, a much bigger military, and are incomparably richer.

But Putin has balls and he controls the energy supply for much of Europe. There is no stopping him now.

What is Mr. Obama doing about it? Zero.

Then there’s Eric Holder. Surely the worst AG in the postwar era. Explicitly attacking our main line of defense against the anarchy of the streets — the police. When crime strikes, he doesn’t go after the criminals. He goes after the police. Like his pal, Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, a black man, clearly does not like America much. He is determined to bring the heroes of America to the dock and terrorize them into not doing their jobs. Whenever there is any chance at all to win over black voters by telling them they are being put upon by the police, or by white people generally, he’ll do it.

Then there’s Ebola. Why do we have any flights at all from West Africa to the USA? The Europeans have stopped having them. Why do we have them? This Ebola is no joke. It is an epidemic in West Africa. It is deadly. Why are we bringing it here? Is Mr. Obama paying any attention to this at all?

Then there’s the drought in the west. Why aren’t we building immense desalinization plants right now? Why aren’t we building continental aqueducts to move water from Detroit to Nevada and California, or from my beloved North Idaho to Fresno? Something is desperately wrong when there is absolutely no presidential leadership at all on an issue this big. This is a BIG crisis.

Well… countries get the leaders they deserve. We could have had a fine man like McCain. Instead we get this community activist who never finished a job or met a payroll in his life. So we get what we bargained for: a flashy con man who cannot get a lot done.

We have real serious challenges. This President is not up to them by a very, very long way.

But who do we Republicans have? I love Mr. Rubio but he’s kind of quiet. I love Mr. Cruz but he’s also a bit flat. Where is the guy or gal who can tap into the real extraordinary rage that so many people feel about Obama’s incompetence, race-baiting, cowering, anti-American golf-playing jive? Americans are furious. They hate being pushed around the way Obama is letting us get pushed around. But where is our candidate?

Well, it’s not up to me. It’s up to Karl Rove. I think I’ll ask him.

No, I won’t. I will write down that while we in the west have been waiting for a major wave of new Islamic terrorism, it is already happening. It is happening in the form of wild rape increases in the UK and Sweden and other countries that have a lot of Muslim immigrants. Rapes in Sweden have increased by roughly 1,000 per cent in the last ten years — almost always of young ethnically Swedish girls by Muslim immigrants (or almost always so says many an article). Sweden now has the second highest rape rate in the world — after South Africa. One in four Swedish women will be raped, almost certainly by a Muslim immigrant, according to news reports. Rapes in Norway and Holland have skyrocketed. But the PC politicians and police keep largely silent about it. Many of the victims are under 15, many preteen. Did you read about this anywhere but here?

This is not just horrible crime. It is Islamic terrorism.

It has happened in the UK, too, with over 1,500 young British non-Muslim girls being raped, often gang-raped, by Muslims — and the police do nothing. This is major league terrorism being perpetrated on women and girls. Where is the outrage? Where are the media?

It is happening all over Europe, or so say the Internet sites.

What is to stop it from coming here and maybe it already has.

Where is Eric Holder on this? Why isn’t this an international scandal with an international crusade to stop it?

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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