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Is He Really This Foolish?

Friday Night
So, here I am in Rancho Mirage. I was dismayed today because recent windstorms have knocked leaves into my swimming pool. These have jammed the filters and shut down the heater. So when I got into the pool around noon, it was cold. I was shivering as I swam. I thought, “This is not good for a 70-year-old man to be shivering as he’s swimming.” So I got out and hollered for the pool man.

Not much after that except for a deelish chicken sandwich at Carl’s Jr. There were many young men eating at the restaurant speaking a language I had never heard before. It turned out it was Polish. They were a good-looking, but wildly drunk bunch here for the rock concert known as Coachella. Just so drunk it was prison time for them for sure if they were pulled over. Not jail. Prison.

My wife and I shopped at Vons. Wow, there is a lot of stuff for sale, and, wow, is it expensive. I am just staggered when I pay for my groceries every single time. How do people who are not rich afford to live?

I took a long nap and then spoke at length to a close friend whose sister had just passed away from cancer. This man is an expert in mental diseases and we talked about the causes of schizophrenia. He was suffering terribly and I tried to cheer him up, but how can you cheer up a man whose sister has just died?

Then dinner under the stars at the clubhouse. The night was balmy and warm. Screaming jets flew overhead, lights blazing. This is paradise, I thought. A puffy pink paradise.

How did the people who are members at this palace of luxury get here? Capital. They acquired managerial or entrepreneurial capital. That was by education and work. Then they acquired real estate or businesses or both, Then they pyramided that into still more capital. You don’t get rich by work, except by working on Wall Street or in media, where you get to soak up the stockholders’ gravy as a matter of routine. You get rich by intellectual capital getting transformed into financial capital.

Long ago, my supersmart Yale Law classmate, Duncan Kennedy said on this subject, “In other words, work and save.” Superb summary But it’s more than that. It’s more than saving. It’s investing in something you manage yourself or partnering up with Warren Buffett or Tim Cook to get a tiny slice of their managed capital. It’s turning your work into someone else working for you on as large a scale as possible. There will be inequality. You want to be on the right side of it.

Anyway, start with work and move to capital. Then, when you’re old, stop work and just live by selling the capital little by little. Interest rates are meaningless now so forget living off interest.

In the meantime, get a great life partner and invest your heart and soul in her. Life without someone close by to love and be loved by is much poorer. Even if she is not under your roof, treat her with perpetual love and it will earn immense dividends, far beyond money.

(Also, get a sporting breed hound.)

Most of all, make it a practice to love God and believe in Him. Make Him your boss, your best friend, your confidant, advisor, and support. If you truly have that kind of God in your life, you are a winner no matter what.

Then, rest.

On another subject, there is too much bullying going on. Too much bullying of people who speak out about gay marriage. My best friend is gay and I live among gays. But there is no special reason why they should be able to bully people with views different from theirs. Yes, gays were oppressed for centuries. But that does not confer on them the right to bully anyone who disagrees with them. There just should not be any bullying anywhere.

That reminds me, online tonight, I saw horrifying videos of Muslims in the UK bullying, taunting, and beating any Christians who got in their way. How long until Europe is a Muslim continent, a no-go zone for Christians and Jews? Let’s pray it never happens here. That’s the real immigration issue: keeping out haters of any kind. The Hispanics are great. They are not the problem.

Next thought: How come the man-made climate change people can bully anyone who disagrees with them? The data, according to my pals at CFACT, is extremely unconvincing about man-made climate change. Why can it not even be questioned? Shouldn’t everything except freedom itself be subject to question?

And now, Mr. Obama. His “deal” with Iran is an obvious disaster. He’s been had. With no knowledge of history, no knowledge of the inevitable catastrophe of arms control “deals” with totalitarian, aggressive states, he’s led us into a world where Iran will dominate much of the globe, will annihilate — God forbid!! —Israel, and where America will be a shell of fear and quivering.

Is he really this foolish? And how much did Minister Farrakhan’s hatred of Jews resonate in the head of the young Obama? This is a confused, conflicted man, perhaps the most confused American anti-American in the world. And he’s our President. This man scares me and many, many others to death.

I really have to enjoy every day. It is later than any dare think.

Oh, one other thing. A Mr. Baker, a reporter for the New York Times, had a piece recently about how the GOP is staunchly pro-Israel. Mr. Baker, who is a young man, I suppose, mentions various Republican Presidents who moved towards Israel. But he completely omits the single man who turned the tide in U.S. support for Israel:

Richard Milhous Nixon. In the Yom Kippur War, against the advice of many high-ups in the DOD, he ordered that the most modern, potent “black boxes” available to block Soviet SAMs be installed in Israeli Phantoms and A-4s. These neutralized the super dangerous anti-aircraft missile defense in the Suez that had balked Israeli air power. It was these and nothing but these that turned the tide in the Sinai and Suez regions in Israel’s favor.

When Red Russia prepared to send paratroops to fight along the Egyptians, Nixon went to DEFCON 3, a major step towards using nuclear weapons to counter the Soviet gambit. This, too, told the Egyptians they could not ever beat Israel even with Soviet bluster. Peace was the only sane option. Russia backed down and peace was at hand in the Sinai.

Some years later, when that fool in polyester, Jimmy Carter, watched Sadat and Begin sign the Camp David Accords bringing some measure of peace to the Middle East, it was because of the risks Richard Nixon took to foil the Soviets and to save Israel.

There has only been one American President who went all in for the Jewish State and that was the Martyr for Peace, Richard Nixon. It was Nixon and only Nixon who made protecting and preserving Israel American policy until Obama.

God bless Richard Nixon.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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