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In Government Obama Trusts

On November 10, 2010, Obama delivered a speech, in which he mused on the glories of Islam among other topics, at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. In the course of his pandering address, he changed America’s motto from “In God We Trust” to “Out of Many, One.” He intoned confidently, “In the United States, our motto is E pluribus unum…” Wrong.

Dismayed congressmen quickly contacted the White House to demand a correction. The White House refused. Congress then passed, 396-9, a bill reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the nation’s motto — a vote that an unapologetic Obama publicly belittled.

Obama’s Freudian slip in Indonesia fit with his secularist project for the United States. He is working to build a country in which Americans place their trust not in God but in government. He can’t rest until Americans recognize no higher power than his will.

Reflecting its master’s wishes, the Democratic Party platform set out to be secularist. Journalist David Brody reported this week that a line from the 2008 platform was revised to drop any mention of God: 

This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform:

“We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

Now the words “God-given” have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured to say this:

“We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth – the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

Late on Wednesday, party bosses, in a moment of farcical strongarming and PR-driven panic, forced booing delegates to revert to the 2008 language. But the party’s true intentions had already been revealed.

Brody notes that the platform pays some lip service to “faith-based organizations,” but the paragraph he culled is less than reassuring. It is clear from the passage that the party only has use for religious groups if they push leftist causes, such as “climate change.”

Obama’s interest in religion is in direct proportion to his ability to manipulate it for secularist and socialist purposes. He seeks to destroy the ones that refuse his manipulation and hijack the ones open to it. Thanks to the leftward drift of religion in America for decades, the latter task isn’t that hard for him. Catch the manipulation and condescension in this line from the platform: “We believe in constitutionally sound, evidence-based partnerships with faith-based and other non-profit organizations to serve those in need and advance our shared interests.” What does “evidence-based” mean? Whatever the secularists decree.

The platform’s section endorsing gay marriage claims that Obama won’t try to hassle churches into supporting it: “We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference.” How big of them. But don’t believe it. Where gay marriage exists, religious freedom quickly disappears. In a second term, Obama’s federal regime of gay marriage would pressure everyone into supporting it through such measures as “hate crime” legislation and withdrawn grants.

Notice also that Michelle Obama has already given the game away, gushing on Tuesday night about the party’s support for gay marriage at the “altar.” She didn’t say “gay marriage”—apparently it is still the love that dare not speak its name at coded conventions—but that is what she meant in his line: “if proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love…then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American dream.”

Trying to edit God out of the platform is what one would expect from a party that boasts the most secularist president ever. From time to time, Obama even edits God out of the Declaration of Independence, referencing our “endowed” rights without bothering to mention him.

And then there are Obama’s secularized judges, all of whom share the “ACLU chromosome,” as Senator Jeff Sessions once put it. One of Obama’s cockiest judges, Michael Urbanski, is famous for ordering lawyers to edit the Ten Commandments down to the Six Commandments to exclude the ones that name God. One befuddled lawyer before Urbanski said that he had never received such an audacious order before. “Well, it’s going to come up today,” replied Urbanski. So it goes in Obama’s America.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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