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I Will Consider Voting for Evan McMullin

Like nearly everyone else outside his family & co-workers, I had no idea that Evan McMullin existed.

But now that I know he does exist, I will consider voting for him as President of the United States in November.

Granted, McMullin won’t appear on the ballot here in Massachusetts. The deadline for filing elapsed in January. But I will consider writing him in.

I will give McMullin that I was prepared to give to David French and that I have given to Gary Johnson. I use the past tense because I’ve been less than impressed with Johnson thus far. When your running mate is head and shoulders above you and you’re better suited to being a personal trainer than President, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Yes, my ballot is going to be a protest vote. But if I’m going to make my protest I want to cast it with someone with some character. McMullin might be #NeverTrump, but that doesn’t automatically guarantee him my vote. I look forward to hearing what he has to offer.

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