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I’d Also Consider Voting for David French

A couple of days ago, I indicated that I’m considering casting my vote this November for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, something which annoyed the Village Voice’s Roy Edroso (who finds nearly everything I write to be annoying).

Please note my concluding sentence in the Johnson piece:

While I’m willing to keep an open mind where it concerns Johnson, I would like to see if there are any other viable independent candidates of conservative inclination prepared to throw their hat in the ring.

Which brings me to David French of NRO. I read his stuff regularly. I don’t always agree with his arguments, but what he has to say is usually worth my time. Somehow I doubt he was Bill Kristol’s first choice as a presidential candidate. That’s not a knock on French. I’m sure Kristol and crew approached Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Condi Rice and possibly dozens of others before turning their attention to French.

If French does choose to throw his hat in the ring he will be in for a lot of grief from Trump and his followers, especially those associated with the racist alt.right movement already angry at French for adopting an African-American daughter. Naturally, French will also get the usual grief from The Left. Should French agree to be a candidate, this will take a lot of guts on his part and for that matter his family as well.

Well, I’m sure this will annoy Edroso even further. Should French announce his candidacy, I would be willing to consider casting my vote for him as well. While I disagree with some of French’s positions on gay marriage and some of his arguments concerning religious liberty, I am far more in sync with him where it concerns foreign policy than I am with Johnson. If French is willing to put himself out there then I’m willing to listen. I cannot say so for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Of course, it could be a moot point if French doesn’t get on the ballot here in Massachusetts (whereas Johnson’s name will be on the ballot in all 50 states). Given the late date, it is unclear how many states where French will pass the muster. It could be the case that French would only concentrate on a handful of Southern and/or swing states where he could deny Trump a triumph. We shall see.

If worse comes to worst and French’s name doesn’t appear on our ballot in the Bay State and I find Johnson unsatisfactory, I could always follow my Mom’s advice and write in Groucho Marx’s name. Rufus T. Firefly to the rescue indeed.

Still, it remains to be seen if French will be a candidate at all. No word as to when he will make a decision, but it’s going to have to be sooner rather than later.

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