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I Want Everything My Way NOW!!

Such is the whiny lament of every spoiled brat since time immemorial.

Worth remembering as the budget war goes forward.

This is a war that will take at least three solid years just to gain a decisive advantage in, four years to win, and many years after that in order to maintain the victorious peace. But the adversary is retreating, even though the adversary controls the presidency, the Senate, the bureaucracy, the establishment media, and the forces of habit. That must mean the good guys are winning so far. Patience, lads, patience. There will come a time when a Yorktown-like victory is possible. Until then, keeping the affinity of hearts and minds in the countryside, as George Washington did, while harassing the adversary every time he sticks his neck out beyond his East Coast redoubts, is a pretty darn good strategy.

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