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How the Democrat Media Lost Its Mojo

This is about why I don’t care, and I mean really don’t care, and why I’m pretty darn sure you don’t care either. I have a close friend whose television, for years, anytime I walked into his house, was tuned to MSNBC and maybe CNN. We would argue, and I mean fight, and not talk for months at a time, all over the merits of how much the media influenced an election. He would say it had a minuscule impact and cite Reagan and Bush the Second as winning despite the media. He would concede that maybe it accounted for a few points. He would then always offer the liberal modern-day straw man argument: The Republicans have Fox News. As if its three million viewers, at peak ratings hour, could counteract the 25 million people who watch the network nightly news and the other liberal cable channels, not to mention read the paper that is a broken record.

But something funny happened this year. My friend’s channels started to change, yes literally and figuratively, as he started to support the President-elect. No longer was it Sean Insanity, it was now Sean Humanity; no longer was Fox News not just Republican, but it was no longer Republican enough. No longer was it the media had no influence on the election, it was “Judah, you were right” and nightly calls of “Are you watching this?” I responded, “Of course, I’ve been watching it for years.” As a side note, dear liberals, know that I loved my friend even when we fought and even when we didn’t speak; yes, I often wanted to strangle him, but I always wanted to hug him at the same time. That, my liberal friends, is called friendship.

Many of us would sit at home for years screaming at the TV murmuring, “Why are you just not reporting the news? Does the fact that Hillary and Bill’s foundation is taking money from barbarians mean nothing to you? How does one plus one not equal two to you guys? How? Yes, we get it, you are liberal, and yes, we get that you are all massive Clinton supporters, to the tune of close to 95 percent of you donating to the Democratic Party.” We would say to ourselves, “Is this a bad SNL skit? Did I miss the meeting? How are you not reporting the truth?” By the way, that’s the nice way of saying what we thought and said.

Forget about the election, what about the last eight years? How is Chicago being a war zone not a pox on the current president? The false narratives you offered with “hands up, don’t shoot.” The false narratives put forward with pretty much anyone who disagreed with the president’s agenda. He was your quarterback, and you did the blocking. We on the other team sat at home and have been waiting for our trouncing and humiliation to end. How is the world on fire not a pox on the current president? We sit at home and scratch our heads and say, “If this were a Republican, of course, the narrative would be different.” We look at your mistreatment of the last Republican president, or maybe, fair treatment as history has been revealed, and all we want is the same treatment. It’s like when you brought candy to school and your teacher said, “Did you bring enough for everyone?” All we have wanted is for you to offer the same candy to everyone.

Let’s get back to this election. You spent every waking hour being, effectively, an arm of the DNC, as we have known you to be. However, WikiLeaks all too gladly showed us the mass manipulation that was orchestrated between 95 percent of the media and the DNC. It may be true that the evidence might have been obtained nefariously, but the evidence and proof of your collusion is 100 percent the truth. I guess you can’t report on a pox when you are the pox. Think about this for a second: Not one thread of what was leaked was ever disputed. That’s proof of collusion against Bernie and Mr. Trump.

So get off your high horses about Russia influencing the election. That includes you, Mr. Graham, and Mr. McCain, too. Understand something, and understand it quickly, and right now: we don’t care. You want to investigate election manipulation, how about starting at home with television and the printing arms of the Democrat party. How about you call for an investigation into them? How about you investigate Donna Brazile, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for complete and all-out collusion? How about investigating CNN for their part in the plot? Yeah, I get it. Putin is a monster, and we hate monsters, we hate them so much except when they give charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation. So I’ll tell you what, when maybe you investigate these evils and come to the same conclusion as my friend, maybe, just maybe, we will care about Russia “manipulating the election.” Oh, I just might also care, when you have actual proof, not collusion fueled by speculation.

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