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He’s Discouraging

Back in L.A. after a few lovely days in the desert. I wish I could adequately tell you how spectacular a good winter day is out in the desert, but I don’t think I can. Let’s just say, it’s crisp, clear, with usually a tiny breeze, and no humidity at all. By night, the stars are simply fantastic. They light up the sky like a literal fire, or like a million tiny coals placed in the firmament.

But, anyway, I am back now in glorious L.A. I had to get up very early to speak about the horror of Internet sales puppy mills. It is deeply important for pet lovers to avoid buying their puppies on the Internet unless they know for sure that their puppy has been raised in a wholesome environment. Internet puppy buying has allowed the rebirth of revolting puppy mills, where female dogs are bred over and over until they die, where they are kept in miserable wire cages such that their feet never touch the ground. The dogs bred and raised in such miserable circumstances must suffer terribly. If animal lovers would stop buying their dogs on line, at least until they had done thorough investigation, the horror of puppy mills could be ended or severely curtailed. All discouraging.

After that, a long nap, interrupted by many angry texts from a neighbor down in the desert who wanted to use a condo I own there for her parents and brother to stay over New Year’s. I had repeatedly told her no, because I anticipated other guests, but she will not let it go. She’s sending me hate texts en masse, threatening to sue me, calling me obscene names, hating me. Discouraging, once again, to put it mildly.

Then a call to a man about refinancing a condo in Idaho to take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates. That was discouraging, too. Apparently, the value of those condos has fallen so much that refinancing this one would be close to impossible. And that’s with a major real estate recovery in many other parts of the country. It is fascinating and saddening that this condo, a true work of art (I didn’t build it so I can brag about it), suffered such a huge price drop. Again, to use that word for the millionth time, discouraging.

It all makes me wish for the thick hide of a master politician like Mr. Obama. He’s amazing in this regard. He can tell the most whopping lies, see them exposed as lies, and then blithely go forward to make the nation believe that he didn’t do anything wrong and that it’s all someone else’s fault.

For example, when he came into office, he supposedly gave middle class taxpayers a tax cut. Fine and dandy, but if he did it, it had to have cut the revenue to the federal government and therefore added to the deficit.

But now, he says it’s all the GOP tax cuts that have created the deficit. Somehow, when Mr. Obama puts a minus sign in front of the tax revenue number, that does not count at all. But when Mr. Bush did it, that does count. In a word, deficit creation by Mr. Obama is good or negligible. By the GOP, terrible. 

Likewise, Mr. Obama promised he would cut the deficit by half by the end of his first term. That deficit was then running at very roughly about $500 billion, so his cut would have brought it to very roughly $250 billion. But instead, Mr. Obama more than doubled the deficit. That means he was wrong in his promise by a factor of four. He quadrupled the deficit beyond what he said it would be.

There is something very wrong here. Hardly a word was said against him for this catastrophe, and he just smiled and waved his way right through it. It was as if it hadn’t happened.

Then, there were the lies about the murder of American personnel, especially the Ambassador, in Libya. Of course, we all know that Mr. Obama and his minions lied their heads off about who did it. But now we are starting to get just the slightest hints that the Islamist terrorists who did the killing were armed in some small part by — the United States of America.

Small wonder that Mr. Obama wanted to keep that out of the press. But, again, if you are Mr. Obama, you can just say that the other side is “politicizing” the tragedy by mentioning any fault at all on his part — and you get away with it.

But here is the absolutely best part, the one that blows away all of the other parts:

For his whole life, Mr. Obama has been blasting the oil companies. He hisses the words “oil companies” or, even worse, “oil corporations.” Just these words drive his party faithful into a mass “two minute hate” right out of George Orwell’s 1984. Mr. Obama blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline. He lambasted BP over what had to be a totally unforeseen and inadvertent oil spill. He has his EPA blocking oil production wherever any little lizard raises its head. His allies are fighting oil and gas fracking in every nook and cranny of the nation. He allows Cuba to drill and produce in waters near Florida that might well be U.S. territorial waters — while our companies have to stay out.

All of that is well known.

Here comes the beauty part:

During the campaign and afterwards, Mr. Obama has taken credit for an explosion in U.S. oil and gas production over the past four years. But this immense increase has been DESPITE Mr. Obama’s hatred of and fighting against the oil companies — not because he did anything to help.

The jump in hydrocarbons production has been entirely the result of the oil companies’ hard work, resolution, and imagination as Mr. Obama fights them tooth and nail. Mr. Obama is claiming credit for the success he tried his damnedest to stop.

And he gets away with it — smiles and smiles and smiles and waves and grins and acts as if he deserved some credit for America’s leap in fossil fuel production.

The man is amazing. I wonder — if he cannot feel shame and embarrassment over his lies and failures –what he can feel? That thought scares me. It’s discouraging. 

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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