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Here’s How the Democrats Plan to Impeach Trump

Recently, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a memo officially stating that there is no evidence of any collusion between Donald Trump and Russian intelligence during the 2016 presidential election. Of course, you might not have heard this news if you have been punishing yourself by watching or reading any of the mainstream news. For its part, the mainstream media continues to prop up the improbable narrative that Donald Trump is a Russian agent of influence who is out to corrupt our democracy in Vladimir Putin’s name.

Not only is the mainstream media dutifully covering the ongoing Robert Mueller special investigation, but the media is also transfixed on the continuing drama that is the “porn star and the president.” While the former story of Trump being a Manchurian Candidate is, frankly, absurd, given the president’s history of skirt chasing, claims that Trump paid hush money to an adult film star he had an 11-month affair with in 2006 are entirely believable. In fact, MSNBC is insisting that Trump be charged with obstruction of justice for having paid $130,000 to the adult film star, known as “Stormy Daniels,” on the eve of his unlikely 2016 election victory.

Many of my fellow Rightists continue demanding, “Who cares?” However, we should care about what the Democrats and their cronies in the media believe. After all, a sizable portion of the country does listen to the mainstream media. More importantly, the people who run the country — the elected representatives and their advisers living in Washington, D.C. — listen to what Joe Scarborough and Jake Tapper broadcast every day. While they need us plebes to vote for them, our political leaders (particularly those in the GOP establishment) live in Washington, D.C. and therefore crave the approval of people like Chuck Todd (which will never come).

Besides, the special prosecutor’s investigation into claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election is weakening the Trump Administration with each day (not because there is anything to the investigation, but because the investigation itself complicates the already-herculean task of governing). Like all special investigations, former FBI director Robert Mueller’s probe is a virtually limitless inquiry into the president and his top advisers. Given that career federal prosecutors, like Mueller, are conditioned to get a conviction — any conviction — by the end of the investigation, do not doubt that Robert Mueller will find whatever he can to try to hang around the president’s neck.”

There’s something more also: Mueller is now deep-diving into the Trump Organization’s financial records (as well as Jared Kushner’s financial dealings). Should there be any impropriety — no matter how innocuous — in the Trump financial records, Mueller will have all that he needs to try to take Trump down.

Remember, Donald Trump is not — and never has been — a part of the elite, corporate political class that rules our country (the “permanent bipartisan fusion party,” as Michael Walsh calls it). No matter how much money Trump had, he could never fully be embraced as one of the elite, whether as a Democrat or a Republican. Trump’s stunning (for the elite) election to the presidency in 2016 offended every sensibility and taste of the Davoisie.

Trump was a clear threat to the Democrats because he upended their plans to finally realize James Carville’s 2009 declaration that the Democrats would rule for another 40 years. Trump’s rhetoric of draining the swamp made him an enemy of the so-called “deep state” which operates Washington, D.C. Moreover, Trump — and the people who voted for Trump — threatened the little fiefdom that the Bill Kristols, David Brookses, and Mitch McConnells of the GOP had in Washington, D.C. and New York. Like Caesar, Trump is “surrounded by enemies, and something is underway, but it has no face, yet everybody in the loop knows.”

The continual prospect of Mueller recommending impeachment for President Trump is aligning nicely with the 2018 midterms. If the 2018 midterms were happening under normal circumstances, it is likely that the Republicans would have little concern. Think about it: from a policy standpoint, President Trump has been the most effective Republican president since Ronald Reagan. Yet, these are anything but normal circumstances.

While I continue to believe that the House Republicans will fare well in the 2018 midterms, the fact of the matter is that the Democrats just need two seats to retake control of the Senate. With that majority, a Democratic-led Senate can further complicate the Trump Administration’s ability to govern by drowning it in more inquiries and investigations. As we’ve seen in the last two years of American politics, anything can happen. It’s conceivable that the Democrats could achieve this two-seat victory in the Senate (especially with their base as riled up as it has been). On the House side, the Democrats have a more difficult challenge: they need to win 21 of the 24 contested House seats in 2018. If they can accomplish that task, the Democrats will have a majority. Even without capturing the House, should they win the Senate back, the Democrats can further damage Trump heading into 2020.

Should Mueller find some financial impropriety, or should he determine that Trump obstructed justice with his $130,000 payout to Stormy Daniels, Mueller can recommend impeachment. Even if the Democrats are unable to flip the House, it is likely that Trump’s enemies in the Republican Party establishment will smell weakness, and take advantage. The Democrats would probably call for impeachment, but it would be the establishment Republicans who ultimately allowed for Trump’s takedown. This would be key because impeachment is not a legal process. Rather, it is a political one.

And, just like that, the old, tired, political narrative would be restored: the “true” conservatives, as led by Pence, would be facing a younger, resurgent Democratic candidate — like Julián Castro — and permanent Democratic Party control would be affirmed. Meanwhile, the Republican establishment’s members-only fiefdom would be secured. It’s a win-win for everyone in Washington. Meanwhile, we, the people get hosed.

The 2018 midterm election is the most important election of this century. It could quite seriously determine the fate of Trump’s presidency and the course of American history. The vipers in Washington are slithering forward, hoping for any excuse to expel Trump from the White House, and return things to the way they used to be. The GOP and President Trump need to fight for each and every seat in 2018, lest the Democrats do a complete end-run around the Right, and ensure that the United States becomes just another banana republic, with one-party rule; sham democracy; and oodles of debt. If the GOP can keep its majorities in 2018, then the Right can continue its much-needed counterrevolution against the radical Left.

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