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Gingrich Calls Tim Burns ‘the Next Scott Brown’

Less than three weeks remain before the May 18 special election to fill the Pennsylvania 12th District House seat formerly held by Democrat Jack Murtha, and Newt Gingrich explains the significance:

[T]his special election is a huge opportunity. 
In fact, in Tim Burns I believe we have a chance to win an upset election that will reverberate through the country much like the election of Scott Brown did in January. . . .
PA-12 is a Democratic district, but it is also very rural and culturally conservative.  While it had overwhelmingly elected Democrat Jack Murtha for decades, it has rapidly turned against the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine . . .
Tim Burns’ opponent, Democrat Mark Critz, a former staff member of Jack Murtha, has been put in a nearly impossible situation. 
He cannot support the policies his party is pushing so he has run ads saying he opposes Obamacare, is pro-life, pro-gun and that “that’s not liberal.”  He even (eventually) came out against the left’s energy tax, despite working to pass it as a congressional staffer.
However, Critz also has to raise money; and to do so, needs the national Democratic leaders that are pushing the job killing policies his district opposes.  So he’s taking money from Nancy Pelosi, who hosted an event for Critz in Washington, D.C., and appeared at campaign events with Vice President Joe Biden, who last week came to the district to support Critz. 
Imagine trying to position yourself as opposed to Obamacare and a friend of the coal industry while surrounding yourself with anti-coal Democratic leaders who spent the last year ramming Obamacare down our throats. . . .

Read the rest. The comparison to Scott Brown’s Senate campaign is perhaps more apt than even Gingrich suspects. Like the Massachusetts special election, the campaign in western Pennsylvania is attracting grassroots conservative volunteers from across the country. One of Tim Burns’ local supporters, whom I spoke to by phone this morning, traveled to Massachusetts to work on the Brown campaign and, in the days leading up to election, several volunteers from Massachusetts she met during that January trip will be staying at her home in rural Washington County, Pa.

Another Pennsylvania GOP source told me last night that many voters in the 12th District “are Democrats because their grandfather survived the Great Depression” and feel “obligated to . . . the old Democratic Party.” However, many of those same voters “don’t like Pelosi, they don’t like Obama, they don’t like what’s going on in Washington,” he said. These are the Pennsylvanians whom Obama described as bitterly clinging to guns and God.

You can lean more about the PA12 special election at the Tim Burns campaign Web site.

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