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Gingrich Calls Obama ‘Bully,’ Says House GOP Should ‘Stop Talking’ to President

President Obama is a “bully” who is “clearly failing” on economic policy, according to Newt Gingrich, and House Republicans should stop negotiating with the White House and move forward with passing their own solutions to the debt-ceiling and budget deficit.

“Obama has put the ‘bully’ back in the bully pulpit,” Gingrich told reporters Friday afternoon. The former Speaker of the House and current GOP presidential hopeful accused Obama of “intellectual dishonesty,” and said congressional Republicans should “take Social Security off the table” in the current debate over the federal debt ceiling.

John Boehner and House Republicans should “quit talking to Obama and start passing legislation,” Gingrich said in a conference call with a number of writers for conservative publications and blogs. Gingrich urged Republicans to be confident that the American people share their opinion of the administration’s economic failures.

“This is the Obama recession and we in the Republican Party should be very confident that we can tell the truth better than the Democrats can lie,” he said. The former Speaker said that Republicans maintained control of Congress after their 1995-96 budget showdown with President Clinton because “people thought we were serious” and “prepared to take real risks” to restore sound fiscal policy in Washington.

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