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What’s Wrong With George Will?

George Will’s fears of another Trump presidency were again on display in a recent Washington Post column in which he advised aides to Joe Biden to avoid putting the president “in situations that require skills that he — always garrulous, rarely fluent — has never possessed.” These include town hall meetings where Biden recently, in Will’s words, “sowed confusion about climate science” as well as about “who controls the National Guard” and about “Taiwan.”

Will excuses what he believes are Biden’s public confusions by arguing that George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Grover Cleveland, and Calvin Coolidge would probably have performed no better than Biden if they were “required to improvise on television.” Will also noted that President Eisenhower was “sometimes syntactically challenged when speaking extemporaneously.”

The logic of Will’s position is that radical liberal policies, incompetence, and chaos are preferable to the return of Trump to the White House.

Will in that same column criticized Biden’s “incompetence in Afghanistan” and “chaos at the southern border” and decried Democrats’ “incontinent appetite for swaddling Americans in a cradle-to-grave blanket of government solicitude.” Yet, for Will, it is “a national imperative” that aides help Biden stabilize his presidency, for “Cold-eyed enemies of the nation are assessing him,” and, if they don’t, it is more likely that his predecessor will “seek a second term, thereby delaying the restoration of the two-party system.”

So Will’s answer to what he deems Biden’s deficiencies is for presidential assistants to hide those deficiencies, which presumably will fool our adversaries and persuade Trump not to run for a second term. Really?

Will’s unbounded disdain for Donald Trump apparently makes him yearn for more international incompetence, more chaos on the southern border, and more cradle-to-grave spending. He doesn’t urge the Democrats to reverse those policies, because he knows they won’t. Instead, he urges Biden’s aides to shield him from embarrassing public performances. For Will, all that matters is that Biden is not Trump. The logic of Will’s position is that radical liberal policies, incompetence, and chaos are preferable to the return of Trump to the White House.

Something has gone awry with George Will. For five decades, he has written eloquently and compellingly in support of conservative public policies. At one time he wrote quite regularly for this esteemed magazine. His collections of columns — the most recent of which was published a few months ago — contain gems of wisdom and rigorous political and historical analyses. Yet in 2020, he quite publicly urged American voters to elect a president and support a political party that supports open borders, runaway domestic spending, identity politics, abortion on demand at any stage of a pregnancy, imprudent defense cuts, and other liberal policies that Will deems harmful to our country.

Will concludes his column by opining that “Biden can be remembered fondly as the bridge to a better politics. But only if he is more politically buoyant than his polarizing agenda.” Apparently, Will thinks Biden’s political buoyancy will make it harder for Trump to run for and win a second term. And for Will, that is more important than countering Biden’s polarizing agenda. Will’s “conservative sensibility” (the title of one of his recent books) sides with the Left’s polarizing agenda against the renewal of conservative policies under a second Trump presidency.

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