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FNC’s Chris Wallace: Netanyahu ‘Wicked,’ ‘Malicious’ for ‘Sneaking Up’ on Obama’s Back

In an appearance with Shepherd Smith on Friday, his FNC colleague Chris Wallace blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his impending speech to Congress in early March:

To give you an idea of how malicious this is, I’ll tell you that US Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Israeli Ambassador to the United States for two hours on Wednesday and Ron Dermer did not announce the fact that Netanyahu was coming to Washington, DC. This is not in order to meet with the US President.  It is to speak to the US Congress and to criticize the president’s policies.

For good measure, Wallace also accused Netanyahu of being “wicked” and “sneaking up behind the president’s back”.

So does Wallace believe Obama wasn’t being malicious when he told Netanyahu to show himself out the door out of the White House a few years back? Does Wallace believe a senior White House official describing Netanyahu as “chicken sh#t” isn’t wicked?

Now I know I’m a but a simple Canadian. Yet even I know that the office of the President of the United States and Congress are, as defined by the Constitution, separate and co-equal branches of the U.S. government. Thus John Boehner can invite anyone he wishes to address Congress and the White House has no business telling him he can’t invite Netanyahu to speak. Perhaps Chris Wallace ought to familiarize himself with these basic constitutional niceties.

Given FNC’s repeated apologies over “no-go zones” in Europe, I also cannot help but wonder if Wallace is trying ingratiate himself and the network with the Muslim world by by bashing Israel and, by extension, get into the good graces of the Obama Administration.

Whatever Wallace’s motivations, his remarks were absolutely pathetic.

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