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Five Quick Things: Let That Mask Slip

It’s time to say a few things which need to be said — and to irritate some people who need to be irritated (as they are surely irritating).

And on with the show:

1. Enough with the Mask-Nazi nonsense.

Those of us who refuse to live our lives in fear, or to bow to those who do, have a message for the rest of you — the time has come and gone for us to continue with this idiotic charade of wearing masks in public.

The mask is not an adequate defense against the COVID-19 virus, gang. The virus checks in at somewhere between 0.06 and 0.14 microns, meaning it’s too small for any commercially available mask to effectively filter it out. The pores on an N95 mask, which are the best masks you’re reasonably going to find, and the vast, vast majority of you are not going to have N95 masks but rather cloth masks, which perform far less well, are 0.3 microns.

Meaning that while the N95 mask you wish you had but don’t, and that you shouldn’t have because doctors and nurses who have to treat coronavirus patients daily in hospitals need a steady supply of them, might trap the virus most of the time, that crappy cloth mask you’re wearing is more or less worthless. All it’s doing is signaling to people that you think you care more about the virus than they do.

But if you really want to wear that mask, OK. Go ahead and wear it. It’s time to stop giving the stink-eye, or worse, a piece of your Karen mind, to people who aren’t impressed with your Mask Virtue and are breathing normally.

If your mask works, then it will keep you from getting the virus regardless of whether other people are wearing a mask. So you shouldn’t care whether other people are wearing a mask.

If your mask doesn’t work, then it won’t keep you from getting the virus regardless of whether other people are wearing a mask. So you shouldn’t care whether other people are wearing a mask.

This idea that your mask works only in tandem with everybody else’s mask is a communistic idea straight out of the Borg hive mind, and shame on you for being such a drone that you buy into that. That was never a realistic notion, and it’s evidence of how easy it is for someone to rob you of your love of freedom.

It’s so bad that the roads are covered with morons driving alone with masks on.

The only way to explain that idiocy is that those people have been convinced the mask is essentially an amulet that magically protects against contracting the virus. Here’s a quick reality check: magic amulets don’t work.

But if you really want to wear a mask, again, fine. Go ahead and wear one.

Do not mistreat your fellow citizens because they don’t want to. That makes you both obnoxious and stupid.

And no, you are not allowed to counter with “but it’s what the politicians and public health bureaucrats recommend.” Those people have not been right about a single damn thing having to do with this virus. Nothing. They have wrecked the national economy, they’ve lied and mixed messages, and in many cases they’ve actually killed people with coronavirus. For you to bleat out that appeal to authority means you don’t have an opinion other than the one somebody forced down your throat.

Which is fine (not really), right up to the point when you try to inflict that opinion on the rest of us. Hush.

2. Dear Mr. President, could you please deport Tunde Wey?

None of our readers know who Tunde Wey is, which is fine — he doesn’t deserve to be famous. Wey is a 36-year-old Nigerian who came to the U.S. as a teenager on a student visa that expired, and he stuck around in this country as an illegal immigrant for more than a decade until somebody gave him a green card. Ever since then he’s blended communism and racism with food.


This was the clown who opened a restaurant in New Orleans that demanded that white people pay more than double what he was charging black people. That experiment, shockingly, didn’t last. Then in Nashville he engaged in an even more “ambitious” pinko project, putting on dinners where fried chicken was free for black folks but awfully expensive for honkies — a hundred dollars for one piece, a thousand dollars for four, and the deed to a property for a whole bird plus sides. It would be a bit too generous to call that project a success, though you’ll always find stupid white liberals willing to plunk down money to assuage their privileged guilt and ethnically correct mountebanks like Wey lining up to relieve them of their filthy lucre.

And lately, Wey has been making noises glorifying the death of the restaurant industry as a result of the Wuhan virus because it’s a capitalistic endeavor. The busboys and dishwashers don’t make the money the chefs do, you see, and they certainly don’t make the money the investors in a successful restaurant make:

An industry where labor is segregated by race and gender, underpaid and uninsured. An industry fed largely by an industrial agricultural system that  either extracts profits from the environment with little consequences, or offers ethically sourced produce to just a few for a lot. Let it die. An industry where on the higher end is great food at fat prices in spaces that drive up real estate values, pushing property prices higher and poorer people further. And on the lower scale, working poor people, making barely enough to keep them going, serve low nutrition meals to other working poor people, who can’t afford quality housing because of predatory development. Let it die. And all over the spectrum, a white man gets paid off of all of that. Let it die.

He’s not an American citizen, which means we’re under no obligation to cohabitate with this fool. Toss his green card and put him on a plane for Lagos, and let him escape the evil of the white restaurant owner in the country he came from.

Seriously. Enough of being lectured by ingrate foreigners from failed states. Make an example of this clown, Mr. President.

3. Emmet Sullivan gets called on the carpet.

In case you missed this last week, something interesting happened when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals got hold of this crazy ruling from “Obama judge” Emmet Sullivan (he’s actually a Clinton appointment, but in every other respect he fits the “Obama judge” category to a T), the one who refuses to let Mike Flynn’s case be dropped. Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell made a motion to the D.C. Circuit for a writ of mandamus ordering Sullivan to drop the case against her client, and the appeals court’s response was interesting.

Most of the time, motions like Powell’s don’t get anywhere. They usually just get dismissed. But not this one. The D.C. Circuit took it up.

And when motions like this do get taken up, usually the appellate court will ask nicely for the district judge to weigh in. But not this one. There was no invitation — there was a command issued to Sullivan that he respond.

And the command was that Sullvan himself respond. Often a judge in a situation like this can get someone to respond on his behalf, as in an amicus brief. But not this one. The D.C. Circuit specifically called Sullivan on the carpet to answer for his failure to drop the charges against Flynn.

All of which is good. Sullivan has disgraced himself by continuing a political case against an innocent man despite the Justice Department having asked for it to end. Perhaps if things go the right way in November there will be enough votes in both houses of Congress to impeach him and send him off to wherever defrocked judges go.

Like, for example, Congress. It worked for Alcee Hastings, after all.

4. Maybe Trump is finally serious about addressing Big Tech’s abuse of the First Amendment.

He’s done an awful lot of talking about Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and how biased in favor of the Left all three companies are, but President Trump has been a bit of a paper tiger on that subject so far. After all, when demonetization, shadow-banning, and now outright censorship have become the order of the day on social media, particularly with respect to the Wuhan virus (one wonders how much longer you’re even allowed to call it that on Facebook and Twitter without having your post taken down, or having your blog entry de-listed by Google’s search engine), you would think Trump, who appears firmly in the crosshairs of Big Tech, would be motivated to do something.

But while he’s talked about things like getting the Justice Department involved in antitrust actions against Facebook and Google, something which by the standards of previous major antitrust actions is certainly warranted; Google is a whole lot closer to a monopoly than Standard Oil or Ma Bell ever were, and in a larger swath of the economy, so far it’s been all talk.

Could that be changing? Trump is now apparently convening a White House commission to review allegations of censorship and leftist bias on the part of Big Tech, according to the Wall Street Journal:

“Left-wing bias in the tech world is a concern that definitely needs to be addressed from our vantage point, and at least exposed [so] that Americans have clear eyes about what we’re dealing with,” a White House official told the paper.

The president told his Twitter followers in a May 16 tweet that his administration is pursuing ways to mitigate alleged conservative bias at Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

“The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google,” Trump wrote, adding: “working to remedy this illegal situation.”

Silicon Valley is howling at the accusation, but it’s becoming harder and harder to take their pleas of innocence seriously. That industry needs some disruption; maybe a little federal wrecking ball to open the doors for some new players to find their way in would be a good thing.

5. Hey Sundown Joe, they’re a lot blacker than you are.

I shouldn’t let this column go by without at least a quick offering on the subject of the idiot Joe Biden’s blurting-out of a long-known racist conceit within the Democrat Party. Namely, that Biden told radio host Charlamagne tha God (that’s the name he goes by) that the black community can only be defined by its loyalty to the D side.

Biden claimed that he had to cut an interview with the host short, because his wife was scheduled to use the studio the Bidens had set up in the basement of their Delaware abode, at which time the host invited the former vice president to do an in-studio interview in New York to further discuss what Biden had to offer the black community.

That’s when Sundown Joe decided to explode an entire week of fraudulent media narratives about the momentum his campaign was supposedly building against Trump.

“You’ve got more questions?” Biden replied. “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Based on the reaction, this might be the most memorable gaffe Biden has made so far in 2020. Why? Because he perfectly illustrated what the Democrat establishment thinks of black voters. If you’re black, you are not allowed to think in any other terms but those supplied to you by the Democrat Party. If you dare to depart from the orthodoxy they require of you, then you’re an Uncle Tom or an Oreo.

It’s one thing when Barack Obama pushes that bilge. It’s another when Biden, who for most of his political career has been decidedly a racist of the old-school stripe, offers it up.

The guess here is that, assuming the national economy is able to get off its back by September or October, something Democrat governors are doing everything they can to prevent through elongated shutdowns, harassment of businesses, and profound fiscal and economic mismanagement, Trump will be well above 10 percent of the black vote in November — perhaps above 15 percent.

You can only abuse a core constituency for so long before you begin to bleed them away. And Biden has done nothing in his whole life but abuse constituencies, to absolutely include the black community.

Scott McKay
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Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his three Tales of Ardenia novels Animus, Perdition and Retribution at Amazon. Scott's other project is The Speakeasy, a free-speech social and news app with benefits - check it out here.
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