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Five Quick Things: Garland Drowns in a Swamp of His Own Making
Merrick Garland speaks about FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, Aug. 11, 2022 (C-SPAN/YouTube)

One of the things I keep saying, and people insist on disagreeing with me in spite of all the obvious evidence lying around, is that today’s Democrat Party is an organization by and for people incapable of doing a proper job at honest work.

That this is true can hardly be successfully challenged on the facts. These people destroy everything they touch, without exception.

For example, there is this man Merrick Garland and the cabal of Berias he’s surrounded himself with at the Justice Department.

1. Our new Franz Kafka–modeled Merrick Garland Justice Department fails to satisfy

The aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid reveals grotesque, thuggish incompetence on a scale heretofore unseen. Perhaps ever.

We on the right have been remarking, here at The American Spectator and elsewhere, about the banana-republic tinge to the FBI raiding the home of a former president over boxes of paper haggled over for two months between Donald Trump’s lawyers and the bureaucrats of the National Archives.

But here’s the key distinction: in Third World thugocracies, the secret police are brutally efficient. They’re generally the only wing of the government capable of making complete sentences and tying their own shoes.

But this?

Almost literally there’s a daily roulette wheel of justifications for what they insist on calling a “search” rather than a raid, and what was really more of a mini-occupation. At my website The Hayride, Jeff Blanco joked that this was really all about rifling through Melania’s undies and that it would be less creepy if it were. Holding Mar-a-Lago for 10 hours as the Trump family watched remotely from Bedminster on the security cameras looked like not the execution of a search warrant but a combination fishing expedition for Jan. 6 dirt and a Thug State message to Trump: “There’s worse coming if you don’t get out of politics.”

But Trump is tougher than Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, Ron Klain, and the confused, demented puppet who nominally occupies the White House. The Orange Man is raising record amounts of money off the Mar-a-Lago raid, and GOP partisans have gone from begging him not to announce for 2024 before the midterms so he won’t be a drag on the party’s ticket to reversing course and asking him to get in as a show of strength against the Biden regime.

Politically this may be one of the largest unforced errors in human history. Team Biden has made itself a whole lot larger threat to average Americans than it could ever accuse Trump of being, and the loss of credibility is palpable. Rasmussen’s polling indicates that 53 percent of Americans now agree with Roger Stone’s characterization of the FBI as Biden’s personal Gestapo, and this fact gives every weak GOP candidate an iron pillar to stand upon this fall (so long as they don’t listen to the milquetoast mumblings of Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson, that is).

And the carnival over the affidavit that produced the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago has only made things worse.

After the Trump–Russia fiasco, few persuadable voters, whether they like Trump or not, are going to accept secrecy from a Democrat-led Justice Department when they repeatedly leak little pieces of their justifications for that raid as publicity trial balloons. Oh, maybe the boxes in question held nuclear codes … which we’ve left at Mar-a-Lago since June.

It’s disgusting. It’s contemptible. It’s poorly done.

Trump has the high ground in demanding the entire file be unredacted and poured into the public record. Resistance to that demand makes Garland, Wray, Klain, and Biden look guilty as sin. It makes them look thuggish, crooked, and, worst of all, weak.

Yes, there is polling, particularly in Senate races, which shows Democrats with slight leads in many of the big races. The problem is Mar-a-Lago is corrosive, and it isn’t even Labor Day yet. If they aren’t able to show convincingly that Trump was holding clearly classified information at his home, information which puts national security at threat, there is now no way to escape the perception that this whole thing was political.

Everything about the Mar-a-Lago raid was stupid. Merrick Garland is awful at his job. Of course he is. He’s a Democrat.

2. Liz Cheney redux

A quick note about the continuing fallout from Tuesday’s Wyoming congressional primary, in which the Never-Trumper Queen Liz Cheney was woodshedded to the tune of 66-29 by former Never-Trumper (she backed Ted Cruz in 2016) Harriet Hageman. There are lots of reactions out there like this one from the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway declaring that this beatdown was a decisive end to the Bush-McCain-Romney-McConnell dominance of the party, and that’s a correct interpretation. It’s one this column shared Tuesday night.

And it’s satisfying to see, not just because Liz Cheney is a swamp rat from D.C. who barely bothered to represent the people of Wyoming and decided to monetize her own treachery following the suspect and highly irregular 2020 presidential election rather than connect with her own constituents.

Cheney is now soaking up legacy media hit opportunities to claim that “the Republican Party is in trouble” and it’ll be several cycles before the damage can be repaired. This is, of course, in preparation for the Great Grift she and her discredited political team are planning, in which she soaks up contributions from Corporate America and the Usual Suspect Karl Rove Mark donors who inflicted the Bush political clan on the GOP for a dubious 2024 presidential run.

But as CNN’s Harry Enten notes, this was the second-worst Little Big Horn in the history of congressional contests for a sitting incumbent since 1962. Only Trey Gowdy’s 41-point scorching of the imbecilic RINO Bob Inglis in 2010 ranks worse.

And what Enten doesn’t factor in is that GOP turnout was way up in the Wyoming congressional race and Democrat turnout was way down. As many as a third of Cheney’s voters might well have been Democrats crossing over to pollute the primary. Among actual Republicans she might well have polled under 20 percent.

Which would make this loss potentially the worst of all time.

Anyone giving Liz Cheney money to run for president, or donating to some PAC she cranks up to push “principled conservatism” of the Bush variety, is a moron. You’re a moron not just because any positive effect you might have toward your goal in American politics would inure to the Democrats’ benefit and not that of a “reformed” GOP but also because you’re throwing in with someone who has zero political constituency.

I’ve been saying that the Bush Republican/Never-Trumper faction in the Republican Party has zero popular support among the party’s voters. Do you believe me now?

3.  James Carville rages against the dying of his own light

Here in Louisiana there is a delicious fiasco going on over the doomed attempts by the state’s Democrats to settle on a candidate against John Kennedy for the Senate in November. We’ve talked about the Luke Mixon–Gary Chambers disaster in this space before, but over the weekend the Democrats held, essentially, a nominating convention.

As we’ve noted, the Louisiana Democrat Party is more or less a final bastion of feudalism in modern society. Monied white liberals have held sway over the party and still do, in the personage of trial attorney and AWFUL (affluent white female urban leftist) Katie Bernhardt, who’s the current state party chair, while some 60.2 percent of registered Democrat voters in Louisiana are black. Chambers, a garden-variety race-hustler who’s rather interestingly morphing himself into a reasonably polished, if hopeless, politician, is challenging that white power structure and making hay against it.

Carville is essentially its aging avatar. He isn’t relevant in Louisiana politics anymore, just as he isn’t relevant in national politics anymore. But he attacked Chambers as an “idiot” for not getting out of Mixon’s way, and Chambers dropped an entire six-deck shuffle of race cards on his head for his trouble. It was a moment reminiscent of Henry Kissinger’s quote about the Iran–Iraq War: Why can’t they both lose?

And over the weekend Bernhardt three times changed the rules in midstream to rig the Democrats’ endorsement against Chambers. The best she could do was to generate a triple endorsement of Chambers, Mixon, and Syrita Steib, a prisoners’-rights advocate (and convicted felon pardoned by Trump) with no money and little support who is, like Chambers, black. Reaction to that has been less than positive. Chambers won’t stop tweeting about it, and he’s soaking up media appearances with the likes of Roland Martin to drop race cards against Carville’s pals.

And Carville’s response to that was to call the Republican Party a cabal of racists and misogynists in an unhinged rant during an interview with the Hill.

Whatever, Jimmy. Keep babbling. They don’t find you cute anymore, and they’re not listening.

In my book The Revivalist Manifesto (more on that below), I talk about the fact that the political consensus which held among, essentially, the Liz Cheney types and James Carville types of the world is now gone. That’s why you see them flailing about and making ridiculous, grandiose, and out-of-touch statements. They’re trying desperately to stay relevant, and the population is rejecting them, forcefully.

The future will belong either to the AOCs, John Fettermans, or Gary Chamberses of the world, or it’ll belong to the Ron DeSantises, Lauren Boeberts, and J. D. Vances. It’s going to be the latter. That’s clear. Clearer is that the era of James Carville is over.

4. Potato, baked, at CNN

Yes, Brian Stelter, the most obnoxious tuber on cable news, was stuck in the professional oven by CNN on Tuesday. He’s out of a job.

Will anyone miss Stelter? Well, that would assume anyone was watching, no?

CNN’s new corporate overlords at DiscoveryWarner are becoming more interesting all the time. They’ve been signaling a willingness to unload the no-talent bums on the channel’s air and move it toward something more ideologically balanced and less obnoxious in its obsequiousness to the ruling elite, and dumping Stelter shows that’s a real thing.

Couple that with the news a few days ago that DiscoveryWarner was willing to take a $90 million bath rather than inflict the ultra-woke Batgirl movie, which audiences at pre-screenings almost unanimously panned as unwatchable, and you might just have a media corporation that is more of a solution than a problem.

This is a good development, and not just because we won’t have Stelter au gratin on our plates anymore.

5. Buy my book, will you?

I dropped a little Revivalist Manifesto reference above, but here’s one of the unanimous five-star reviews sitting on Amazon for it:

This book is truly a playbook for modern America. What we are seeing across this country is a lack of patriotism, a lack of confidence in our country. This book is a well needed revitalization of the American dream that is so desperately needed. Once you start, you can’t stop and it truly opens your eyes to what is going on in modern American politics. Read this book. Talk about this book. Put this book into action. Kudos to Scott for this amazing read!

Not bad, huh?

The Kindle version is just $7.99, while the paperback goes for $18. One of the things you will find, particularly after you finish the book, is how well it encompasses and explains what’s happening in American politics. I talked to some very smart people whose ideas were incorporated into it, and it shows.

Grab it, read it, and see if it doesn’t resonate.

Scott McKay
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