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How Does the Democrat Party Fall Apart? This Might Be How

This column has talked about the highly entertaining yet thoroughly uncompetitive Senate race in Louisiana in which John Kennedy is certain to win reelection against a host of hapless contenders. But developments in that race which were 100 percent foreseeable make for what could be fun times to come.

What are we talking about? This, in all its infinite glory…

We’ve talked about Gary Chambers in this space before. Democratic political consultant James Carville’s attack on him as an “idiot” is only kinda-sorta wrong. Chambers is your typical race-hustling leftist agitator and his campaign ads have been the bog-standard Bernie Sanders/AOC radical left chic stuff, with perhaps a little more blue-meat-for-the-woke-white-Useful-Idiot sucker donors. He filmed himself smoking a blunt in one ad, which made the point that laws making marijuana illegal are racist and hurt black people. Then he did an ad where he burned the Confederate flag. And the latest one is an absolutely breathtakingly awful ad that claims making abortion illegal will result in more abortions, not less. The cynicism of how the ad is staged is almost diabolical; it depicts a white woman being killed by a botched back-alley abortion carried out by a black man.

Everybody knows the usual pattern in abortion mills across the country is the reverse. If Gary Chambers was truly racially “woke” and not just a dollar-store grifter, he’d at least have something to say about Margaret Sanger and the genocidal racism against black people that underlies the entire abortion industry.

But here’s the thing: Gary Chambers is actually the good guy in this Godzilla-vs-Muto clash. Everything he’s saying in those two tweets is actually correct.

The Louisiana Democrat Party is run by a bunch of white leftists with money, most of whom are trial lawyers and the rest of whom are crony capitalists who make their money from contracts with bloated state and local governments. They’re the Bourbon Democrats of old, and they’re blindingly racist. The current crowd has all but wiped themselves out in the public eye; they did manage to elect John Bel Edwards twice through an unfortunate series of events befalling the Louisiana GOP’s efforts to rally around a single candidate in the 2015 and 2019 gubernatorial races, but Edwards has done for Louisiana what Bill de Blasio did for New York City.

And as the old trope goes, “Minorities Hardest Hit.” The state’s black community, which is centered in its cities, is awash in drugs and murder and hopelessness. New Orleans (LaToya Cantrell), Baton Rouge (Sharon Weston Broome), and Shreveport (Adrian Perkins) are run by mayors you literally would not want to put in charge of a Dollar General. These cities are shooting galleries with crime waves of tragicomic proportions that are chasing away the business community.

It’s as though Weaponized Governmental Failure is being conducted: if Louisiana loses enough fed-up Republican voters, maybe it won’t be a red state anymore.

The problem is that for every expatriating Louisianan over the past six-plus years of Edwards, there’s at least one white Democrat or independent swearing they’ll never vote Democrat again. The only positive political development here is that red pills are outnumbering Chinese fentanyl on the street.

And that’s making for desperate times for the Bourbon Democrat crowd, of which James Carville, who, to be fair, isn’t really a factor in Democrat politics in Louisiana anymore (he used to be, though, and he bears a good bit of responsibility for the state’s embarrassing condition), is a perfect avatar. Edwards’ former campaign guru, Richard Carbo, went looking for somebody he could run against Kennedy, who is unbeatable in Louisiana, and he couldn’t find a single taker until he settled for Luke Mixon, an airline pilot who claims his home is in Baton Rouge though it’s really in airport hotels across the country. Mixon had inquired about running for a seat in the state legislature in 2019 and was told he wouldn’t get support from the state party. He’s never run for anything before.

Carbo never bothered talking to any black Democrat politicians and that infuriated Chambers, who had run for Congress in a special election last year in the state’s only majority-black district and came in a respectable third. So Chambers decided to run, and his campaign cuts into the Bourbon Democrats in two important ways.

First, he’s openly trashing the white Democrat establishment as racist, and, in doing so, he’s likely to outpoll Mixon by a good 2-to-1 or better. Chambers’ goal isn’t to beat Kennedy, it’s to create space for blacks to take over the Louisiana Democrat Party. Which they should — they’re 60 percent of the registered Democrat voters in Louisiana, and they’re the vast majority of Democrat elected officials in the state (28-6 over white Dems in the state House and 10-2 in the Senate, for example).

And second, he’s a hardcore leftist, which the Bourbons aren’t … really. Certainly, they’re fans of socialism, but they like their leftism slow and sleazy with not so many Che Guevara T-shirts or clenched fists. But there’s no energy on the Bourbon Democrat side right now — not in Louisiana and not anywhere.

This might be the most clear-cut example of the internecine war inside the Democrat Party that the legacy corporate media doesn’t want you to know about, but you already know about it. You know about the strife between the Squad and the party leadership that everyone tries so hard to paper over, you see the pressure they put on Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, which finally resulted in a trillion dollars of your money being planted in a hole with hyperinflation as the bitter harvest, and you see how the Hard Left has begun to turn on Joe Biden. Yet the ruling elite in D.C. is working their aging, flabby tushies off trying to keep a lid on this.

And where it’s going is a place James Carville isn’t going to like. Because when this red wave, which is coming even despite the best efforts of Mitch McConnell and the Failure Caucus of the D.C. GOP to sandbag it, finally hits, the people closest to the beach who’ll be carried out to sea and eaten by the electoral sharks aren’t going to be the AOC’s in the safe socialist districts.

They’ll be the suburban “moderates” who want their socialism low and slow. They’ll be the remnant of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan liberals who have been routed out of all the cultural institutions they used to control by the same hard leftists most intensely making the world miserable.

And then there will be an autopsy within the Democrat Party. And it’ll be the James Carvilles reiterating that the Gary Chamberses are “idiots” for refusing to accept the gruel offered by the party’s ruling elite. But the Chamberses will have a pretty damned good response, which is: “None of our incumbents lost. Yours did. And our candidates were more competitive than yours because our voters turned out and yours disappeared. Why on earth would we listen to you?”

In Louisiana, this probably results in the Democrat Party being the black party. And that might actually work pretty well for them.

Nationally, there are two salutary things about the Hard Left taking over the Democrats. First, the Gary Chamberses and Bernie Bros who make up the bulk of the Squaddy voting base hate America’s ruling elite just as much as the MAGA revivalists do, so there might actually be a little common cause to be found there. And second, the leftist lurch of the Biden administration isn’t enough for the Squadsters and the Bernie Bros and the Gary Chambers posse, which means that if ever you wanted to pick your political opponents, they’re the ones. Voters in moderate and swing districts, where we’re told the rubber meets the road in American politics (though Asian and Hispanic voters might just demand to be heard from on that topic soon), are not going to put up with much more of Drag Queen striptease lessons for 5-year-olds or low-income housing developments popping up next door to the house eating up the last nickels of their banking accounts. (READ MORE: Tucker Carlson, Buckhead, and Why Our Cities Fail)

Carville earlier this year was running around screaming to anybody who’d listen that “wokeness is a problem.” But nobody was listening. Mostly because Carville is irrelevant in American politics, but also because the money that controls the Democrats is all in on wokeness.

And they still are. Just look at the messaging around Monkeypox.

So when it crumbles, and it will, be kind, or as kind as you can stomach, to the left-wing crazies of the world. They’ll be giving us a helping hand, in spite of themselves, as we begin the badly needed and long overdue American revival to come.

Scott McKay
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