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Five Quick Things: Are American Women Undatable?

We’re back on the 5QT with this entry. It’s been a minute. And this time we’re mostly staying out of politics because culture is both more interesting and more important.

So here we go, starting with our very clickbaity headline…

1. No Healthy Person Wants To Play With a Porcupine

That’s the last line from a very interesting Substack entry from Dr. Mike McDonald, the author of a couple of very interesting books about fear and society, which has percolated a good bit over the last month or so. McDonald’s post is entitled “Why American Women Are Undatable,” and it makes some good points. You should obviously read the whole thing, but quickly I’ll just note three of the items inside.

First, he offers this assessment of single women in America today:

American women today suffer from a combination of emotional and characterologic pathology that renders them unfit to be romantic partners to men. On the emotional side, they are angry, anxious, and dysregulated. Men find them exhausting and not at all fun to be around. In addition to their unpleasant emotions, men must also contend with their toxic personality traits: narcissism, ingratitude, and an overbearing and judgmental attitude that appears to be constant. American women approach dating as a fact and fault-finding mission, with a degree of arrogance that can only come from a profound absence of self-awareness. They have no idea what their role is in the encounter or how to properly support the man who is leading the date. They act as saboteurs rather than facilitators. Most men have tired of this.

It’s harsh, to be sure, and yes, there will be those out there who call it unfair. What I can say is that the sense of entitlement commonly found on a first date is breathtaking and exhausting; I’m still single and I run into it over and over again ad nauseam. And I’m not alone. One reason this thing became so viral is that so many men matched it to their experience.

There used to be such things as “charm schools” at which young women were taught the finer points of femininity. Those are gone, and it’s too bad, because McDonald also notes that both men and women are losing the virtues that made us attractive to each other.

He borrows a definition of masculinity from Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men, that is pretty spot-on: strength, courage, mastery, and honor, and notes that all four are falling away. But on the feminine side, McDonald quotes Donovan as saying that all men really want out of women is that they be pretty, carefree, and charming, and he says there’s a big shortage of that out there. Unfortunately, he’s right about that as well.

People look like crap these days. Compare what you see in a neighborhood restaurant or on a subway train station or at an airport with what you’d see 50 years ago, and the decline is appalling. That even shows up when folks go on dates. With men, it’s kind of a problem, but men are success objects to women while women are sex objects to men, and men have a lot less potential ruin in their wardrobes in any event. So it’s far worse to see the fairer sex giving up on being fair.

And one more point McDonald makes is the obvious one, which is that this is environmental. Which is to say the culture. American women are bombarded with so much in the way of poisonous messaging that it almost seems like a deliberate attack. Per McDonald:

Women in this country have been taught that looks don’t matter, that career is more important than family, that men are either dangerous or weak and incapable, and that the world would be a better place if only women were in charge. Everything they are taught is wrong. Everything they are taught is a lie. And the fault lies with schools, media, feminism, and parents. These institutions and individuals have corrupted their minds, their emotions, and their characters. They have trained women to live in a fantasy world of us vs them, where the “me” is more important than the “we,” where one’s feelings dictate truth and goodness, and even virtue itself. These toxic teachings have rendered women developmentally arrested and incapable of adult partnerships with men.

Again, it isn’t a misogynistic screed. He’s highly critical of the decline in men as well.

What’s worth noting, as a response, is that this is accurate in describing single women, not all women. Those who don’t exhibit the unpleasant traits he’s talking about generally get snapped up in no time flat, which is why single guys will so often covet, openly and otherwise, the wives of their married friends and complain about not finding “somebody like Nicole.”

But this is a real thing, and it’s worth remembering when you hear the growing chorus of complaints from women that “there are no good guys out there.” There are, but if they’re not finding you, it’s probably because you’re driving them away, and that’s probably because McDonald has described you perfectly.

And now that I’ve surely started a fight in the comments section, we can move on to…

2. No, I Will Not Eat Your Fake Meat or Ze Bugz

At RVIVR, Nathan Koenig has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post about the new cultural aggression emanating from the Davos class, namely that we’ve all got to Eat Ze Bugz, or else it’s “plant-based meat” for us.

Koenig notes that it was about 10 years ago that you started seeing the promotion of the Eat Ze Bugz nonsense at the UN, and since then, you’ve had a whole bunch of high-profile leftists getting involved in various commercial iterations of Eat Ze Bugz.

And this “plant-based meat” crap. My Facebook feed, as I’m sure yours does as well, swells with sponsored posts extolling the virtue of hamburgers made from seaweed and other sub-standard sources.

Koenig says this is about money, but it’s also about power. The elites are busily inflicting scarcity and a lower quality of life on regular folks across the board (go and look at California, if you don’t agree, and get back to me), and Ze Bugz are a good example of that.

So is soccer, but that’s a different topic.

It isn’t going to work, though. Yes, you might well get a bunch of stupid white leftists, the people the Chinese derisively call “Baizuo,” eating Ze Bugz and pretending to enjoy the experience while virtue-signaling about how much protein they’re ingesting while saving the planet.

But the rest of us would rather beat the living hell out of some elite moron demanding we Eat Ze Bugz and then put some steaks on the grill. And that isn’t going to change. Wars have been fought over less.

3. We’re Finally Getting the Body Cam Footage From the Paul Pelosi Attack

At least, that’s the word:

On Wednesday, a judge in San Francisco ordered the release of body cam footage from the October 2022 hammer attack against Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after a coalition of media outlets sued for the footage and other evidence to be released publicly.

Waiting on pins and needles for this is suspended NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer, who simply reported what was in court documents — that Paul Pelosi opened the door for the police with his attacker just nearby, and then was beaten in the head with a hammer. The body cam footage should either vindicate Almaguer or damn him.

And he isn’t alone in that.

4. Pro-Lifers and the Privatization Of Policing

James Varney had a great piece this week at RealClearInvestigations talking about how the pro-life movement, which has suffered hundreds of attacks by psychotic criminals on pregnancy care centers in the past several months that law enforcement agencies have shown shamefully little interest in investigating, is essentially Going Pinkerton.

Aside from last night – news of the federal indictment of two in Florida for acts of vandalism – no arrests have been made in any of the scores of similar attacks that have damaged other crisis pregnancy counseling offices and churches coast to coast since word first leaked in late May that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade, returning abortion laws to state legislatures.    

CompassCare CEO Jim Harden says this inaction has forced the pro-life movement to do the work of law enforcement on its own. His organization has teamed with the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit libertarian law firm in Chicago, to hire their own private investigators. The home of the firm’s president, Thomas Brejcha, was damaged by abortion supporters last July. 

Neither the Thomas More Society nor CompassCare elaborated on the private investigators hired to look at the attacks by abortion supporters — who they are, how many or where deployed. But Brejcha said no price limit has been put on their services.

The development comes at a time when many, especially on the right, are warning of the politicization of justice. A few of the examples they point to are the SWAT team arrest of Trump adviser Roger Stone; the armed search of former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in pursuit of classified documents (along with the multiple lawsuits specifically aimed at Trump); and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s ordering the FBI to track possible threats of violence or intimidation after parents began confronting school boards about what their children were being taught in public schools.

They say such heavy-handedness contrasts with law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels turning a blind eye to obvious lawlessness not identified with the right. Examples include the nationwide George Floyd riots of 2020; smash-and-grab thefts at retail stores from New York to Los Angeles; homeless camps turned open-air drug bazaars; and city prosecutors declining to enforce laws because of concerns regarding “systemic racism.” 

This was inevitable. When law enforcement doesn’t do its job, chaos results. But chaos isn’t sustainable; people react to it in ways designed to remove it.

In the Wild West, when there was little functional law enforcement, people who could afford it would hire Pinkerton detectives. In chaotic cities a century ago, businesses would pay protection money to the mafia to keep criminals at bay. In lawless Baghdad, there are street militias in charge of vast swaths of the city.

So when politicized agencies like the FBI or the police in Democrat-run cities aren’t willing to apply justice across the board, someone else will. The pro-life movement isn’t going to hire hitmen to take out Jane’s Revenge terrorists, at least not anytime soon, but, as this trend continues, it will not be a surprise to see retribution begin taking the place of justice in more and more situations.

That isn’t a good thing, obviously, but it isn’t the worst thing. Outright chaos like there is in New Orleans is the worst thing.

5. The Best Show on Netflix Is Back (And It’s Awesome)

Sure, other shows offer some competition, but not really. For sheer enjoyment, Fauda is where it’s at on Netflix. And the fourth season just dropped a few days ago. It’s great.

If you’re not familiar with Fauda, it’s an Israeli show co-written by and starring Lior Raz, who’s something like a Hebrew Charles Bronson. Raz plays a member of an Israeli special forces unit that is tasked with dealing with the waves of Palestinian terrorists constantly attempting to inflict mayhem on his country, and each season contains one or two extended plotlines that play out to a big finish in the final episode.

It’s melodramatic, and it’s a fairly simple badass action series. You lose a little in the fact that practically every scene in the show contains multiple languages spoken, so there’s some dubbing and some subtitles. But forget about that. The action is great, and the characters are surprisingly human.

Especially, interestingly enough, the Arab bad guys. The Palestinian terrorists in the show are monsters, and they aren’t coddled — they do monstrous things and meet monstrous ends. But Fauda’s writers make them into people. They have families, they have grievances, and they operate based on their own interests. The plot of the show is reasonably simple, but the conflicts the plot is built on are certainly not.

That’s a theme that runs through the show, and it’s one reason its title is so appropriate. “Fauda” is an Arabic word for “chaos,” but it’s also the word Israeli Special Forces uses for when a mission goes wrong. And what the show conveys is that the entire Arab-Israeli mess is “fauda” — they’re inextricably linked, they live practically on top of one another, they’ve got so many long-standing grievances against each other that reconciliation is practically impossible, and there is no end in sight.

But despite all of that, you don’t get a hopeless feeling watching it. The lives of the men and women in the unit are more than just strapping on the body armor and shooting up jihadists, and somehow they manage to make their way through.

At least … well, I’ll stop now. Watch through season four and you’ll understand.

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