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FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Reeks of Secret-Police Tyranny
Trump at press conference New York, Sept. 26, 2018 (Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock)

Conservatives lately have complained that the dinosaur media have devolved into an arm of the Democratic National Committee. The Big Three networks and key print organs parrot the Left’s talking points, defend Democratic politicians, and hammer Republican and conservative luminaries.

The U.S. Department of Justice now joins the major media as yet another unit of the DNC.

This fact is confirmed by Monday’s FBI raid on President Donald J. Trump’s private residence at Palm Beach’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Some 30 FBI agents entered Trump’s home, seized 15 boxes of documents (two G-men per box), cracked into a safe (which reportedly was empty), and vacuumed up other documents at the opulent retreat in which Trump has lived since departing the White House on January 20, 2021.

This action is unprecedented. Never before in America’s 246-year history has a former president’s home been breached by federal investigators. Symbolically, this was a raid not just on Trump but also on the 74 million Americans who voted for him in 2020.

Beyond illustrating the Justice Department’s canine-like loyalty to Democrats, this escalation in the relentless anti-Trump probes also proves that the words above the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court — “Equal Justice Under Law” — have slid from core principle to punchline to cruel taunt.

Equality before the law is dead. America now has a two-track justice system, consisting of impunity for Democrats and the Left and persecution for Republicans and the Right. Consider the following examples of the DOJ’s thoroughly politicized conflicting approaches.

  • The FBI did not raid former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s home, where she maintained an illegal computer server laden with State Department emails. Among 30,490 of these, more than 2,000 were classified. After congressional investigators subpoenaed the server, Clinton arranged for it to be shipped to a facility in Colorado where it was digitally sandblasted with an erasure software called BleachBit. These emails were expunged so thoroughly that, according to then-Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), “even God couldn’t read them.”
  • There was no raid on the home of former FBI Director James Comey after he walked out of the FBI with classified documents that alleged that Trump had ties to the Kremlin. Comey leaked these to his friend Daniel Richman, a professor at Columbia University Law School. Richman, in turn, forwarded these secrets to his contacts at the so-called “Paper of Record.” As planned, this skullduggery triggered the DOJ’s special-counsel probe of Trump. Trump was hounded by this inquest until he ultimately was exonerated of having ties to anything more nefarious than Russian dressing.
  • There were no raids on the homes of IRS officials such as Lois Lerner who were involved in the tax-collection agency’s anti-conservative political-profiling scandal. By slow-walking or rejecting the tax-exempt-status applications of various Tea Party and related center-right groups, the IRS crippled hundreds of these fledgling grassroots organizations just before Obama sought re-election in 2012. As for Lerner’s computer hard drive, which Republican congressional investigators sought to obtain, IRS sent it to a federal facility in Florida where it was destroyed, torn to pieces in an industrial-strength machine called an Ameri-Shred AMS-750HD.
  • There was no FBI raid on the home of President Barack Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder. Never mind that the U.S. House voted him to be in contempt of Congress in June 2012 for not surrendering documents related to the “Fast and Furious” scandal. Holder finished his tenure at the DOJ with this contempt citation less burdensome to him than a fruit fly hovering above a glass of Pinot Noir.
  • There was no raid on the home of President Bill Clinton’s national security advisor, Sandy Berger, even after he walked out of the National Archives with classified materials stuffed into his socks — for real — in May 2002 and fall 2003. He got away with this and did not even discuss what he stole with the FBI, as he was told to do. And then he died.


  • The FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday. Why did it not rely on initiating discussions with Trump’s legal team on having the documents in question either returned to the National Archives or collected from Mar-a-Lago in a less authoritarian fashion? The DOJ also could have issued a subpoena and gone from there, as is the normal course of action.
  • The FBI raided the home of Trump’s long-time associate and lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani in April 2021 as part of a federal investigation into the former president’s business activities. This act drove a Panzer tank over the sacred concept of attorney-client privilege.
  • The FBI raided the home of Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone in January 2019 and then arrested him on charges of obstruction of justice and other matters.
  • The FBI raided the home and office of Trump’s then-attorney Michael Cohen in April 2018, thus striking yet another blow against attorney-client privilege.
  • The FBI raided the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in August 2017 and then arrested him on charges related to the Russia-gate probe.

America officially has a two-track justice system: kid gloves and impunity for the Left, raids and arrests for the Right.

Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

Manhattan-based political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.

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