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Fauci’s Done Worse Than Killing Dogs
Anthony Fauci appears on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos on October 24, 2021. (Youtube/ ABC News)

Anthony Fauci trends on Twitter today because he presided over research that tortured dogs. This is not an exaggeration. This is not hyperbole. Anthony Fauci’s NIH funded experiments overseas that had puppies eaten alive by bugs.

Like a drug kingpin being taken down for tax evasion or Governor Cuomo, the old people murderer, being taken down for a swat on the butt, Fauci may finally go down for this, one of his lesser crimes against humanity.

Fauci funded the bioweapons research into bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, because he knew it was research that couldn’t be done in America. There is also the argument that the Chinese are going to do this evil research anyway and that America is better off participating, and laughably, guiding it.

Bioweaponizing is euphemistically called “gain of function” to mislead someone tripping over the government paperwork approvals. The Wuhan lab successfully created a bioweapon. It accidentally, allegedly, got loose from the lab, and U.S. tax dollars, under the steady hand of Anthony Fauci, created the monster virus that continues to mutate and kill people, especially sick and vulnerable people. This is the crime for which he should be punished, but won’t be.

Lying under oath seems to be a Bad Thing these days, but if your name is Anthony Fauci or Andrew McCabe, the lying will be rewarded. If your name is Roger Stone, your home will be surrounded by FBI agents in black with a CNN crew filming as you’re frog-marched Soviet-style to the gulag. Fauci and McCabe could lie with impunity because they knew the law would not apply to them. Fauci’s shameless mendacity is particularly breathtaking. His faux umbrage at the questions by Sen. Rand Paul should have him in contempt and at least resigning in shame. No such luck.

Torture a dog, though, and all bets are off. Anthony Fauci is being excoriated for the puppy torture. The torture is an evil. But in this day and age, it’s a lesser evil.

At our Bartley Gala two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting next to David Daleiden. David exposed Planned Parenthood’s secondary mission after killing babies: selling baby parts to biotech researchers in the United States looking for cell samples. In a recent investigation, the buyers and sellers enthused about the “freshness” of the tissue samples and the desire to keep the baby alive so living samples can be taken.

It shouldn’t surprise you that some of this research finds its way back to Dr. Anthony Fauci. In fact, Daleiden exposed research at the University of Pittsburgh that fused the scalps of aborted babies to rats. This research was funded by Dr. Fauci.

David Daleiden is a soft-spoken young man. His manner is self-effacing, indirect, and gentle. For exposing Planned Parenthood, his apartment was raided, his computers and all electronic equipment taken by order of Kamala Harris, and he was prosecuted before a California judge who once worked with a clinic that referred abortions to Planned Parenthood. When making his findings about David’s undercover journalistic work, the judge said of David, and this is a paraphrase, just because you call yourself a journalist, doesn’t mean you’re a journalist. David was told to pay Planned Parenthood $22 million in restitution.

There are so many levels of evil here: the rule of law destroyed, the First Amendment violated, corrupt judge, corrupt attorney general. And all that evil was to protect a greater evil: killing babies, pulling them from limb to limb and then selling the parts to make a profit.

Killing puppies is bad. How does forced sterilization rate on the scale of badness? Only a couple years ago, the world watched The Imitation Game, a movie featuring Alan Turing (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), the gay English mathematician who helped defeat the Nazis by cracking their code. After the war, Turing was tried and convicted of gross indecency. Rather than go to jail, he accepted forced sterilization. The hormones wreaked havoc on his psyche, and he later committed suicide.

Now American parents are having children taken from them and sterilized against their will. A child cannot enter a contract until the age of 18 but he can have his pubescent development stopped and be chemically castrated as a child all without the consent of his parents. This is happening even more to girls. Young women in their 20s with irrevocably deep voices lament the loss of their fertility. Too late. Becoming transgender is trendy, subversive, and the ultimate rebellion against parents: the whole culture blames the parents for being closed-minded bigots if they want to save their child’s fertility and future.

This evil is being perpetrated — surprise! — by Planned Parenthood. Abigail Shrier, another one of The American Spectator‘s journalism award winners, writes:

Planned Parenthood is now one of the largest providers in the United States of cross-sex hormones like testosterone to females seeking medical gender transition.

The employee’s responsibilities included screening patients, taking down their lists of medications and medical histories before the nurse arrived to treat. (Later, I was able to interview her and verify her employment from an old paystub.)

Killing babies isn’t enough. Killing the future by destroying the reproductive ability of young women is now the goal. This is under the umbrella of progressive empathy — as if these actions are compassionate to the confused child.

Warping physical development and chemically castrating children might not influence enough children. Liberal parents (and the transgender craze is an overwhelmingly leftist phenomenon) only raise half of America’s children. What to do with the average American child not inclined to gender dysphoria?

Don’t worry, the American-hating Left has an answer: Tell them that they are either born racist and privileged or tell them they are a perpetual victim and will never get a fair shot. Either way, the child cannot escape the accident of their birth, their sex, their skin color, their existence. Pollute their self-view, make them feel hopeless — for who can change their skin color, sex, or parents? Who, who has been born with a disability, can escape it? So these children categorize themselves and others and are stuck. It is helpless-inducing. It is a prescription for depression, apathy, and freezing the child. They have no way to turn without being inherently bad or inherently entitled. Both will result in personal and professional failure. Paralyzed by the potential of being wrong.

Further, tell these children that their country is evil and based on evil things. Tell them to be ashamed of their history, even the good, and tell them to hate their own freedoms. Keep them ignorant and self-doubting, but arrogant in their false sense of history and information. Teach them that their parents are stupid and naive and racist and/or victims. Make them hate themselves, their family, their culture, and their country.

Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute is exposing this poison. Critical race theory is being taught in elementary, middle, and high schools, and being pushed in basic classes like reading, writing, and arithmetic. If the indoctrination isn’t complete enough, it’s taught in colleges. Forget being taught, it’s being experienced in systemic ways — eliminating merit-based admissions, eliminating standardized testing, and basically making college admissions a social justice roulette. White boys are the least considered. They are also the least likely to go to college. Go figure.

The professional world offers an American no respite. During the onboarding process, workers can expect lectures on all sorts of things. The HR department’s high-paid consultants will talk about injustice and their employees’ implicit biases. Lots of people will be triggered.

Who will cover and frame these topics? The legacy media. Filled with wokesters who attended college to “make a difference” and “change the world,” these folks are ideologically on a mission. Their mission coincides with the most radical of leftists.

CNN, the station no one watches, and the New York Times, home of the woke, along with the rest of corporate media, believe like the religious acolytes they are, the secular-progressive ideology. It’s cultural Marxism and they are here for it. These same media organizations hated Donald Trump, but got rich off of his name. They love to hate. Promoting the January 6 nonsense, and in some cases paying leftists to infiltrate and film it, is an effort to frame anyone who disagrees with them as bigoted morons.

Do they investigate schools, the government, workplaces, etc. to reveal the truth? No. They’ll report about angry parents but not an alleged rape (which is why the parents are angry). They’ll focus on a kid’s facial expression but not the drummer activist. They’ll make up stories about Donald Trump. What’s worse is the stories they won’t tell — about Hunter Biden and his decrepit dad, Joe. They’ll avoid stories about censorship. They’ll hide scientific discovery that doesn’t comport with the acceptable narrative. They lie, deceive, obfuscate, and deflect for a political view.

It has become more important than ever to watch the watchers. James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas have done that. James was banned from Twitter for an accurate story about CNN. Tech companies and the mainstream media collude and protect and defend.

The media and social media outright banned any stories about the Wuhan lab leak, calling it disinformation. It’s likely true and the most obvious and likeliest story. The media and social media banned stories about Hunter Biden, broken by the New York Post, calling it a Russian disinformation campaign. It’s all true. The media acted as if Joe Biden is competent and had Afghanistan in hand. It was a mess and a murderous one at that.

The media and tech companies have treated Anthony Fauci like a hero when he has been the villain in almost every scenario. Only now, when it’s revealed that research he’s funded tortured dogs to death, does the story make any headway.

How does any evil — selling baby parts, the president being bought off by China, lab leaks, medical procedures, Americans left behind in Afghanistan, nearly every important story — get exposed if the media refuses to cover it?

All the aforementioned reporters bravely independently reported. Thanks to multiple channels, these stories are making it into alternative news sources like The American Spectator.

Anthony Fauci may be taken down for his treatment of helpless dogs, but he’s responsible for far worse evils. Americans often think of the unethical and immoral science experiments or lying propagandist media or political indoctrination at schools or systemic chemical castration of children as something that happens in tyrannical governments and bad places. No, these evils are happening in America, paid for by American taxpayers. Thankfully, Americans are waking up due to the daring, courageous work by independent journalists. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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