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Et Tu, Jim Antle?

Good Lord, a raging epidemic of Romneyitis has broken out here, eh?

Look, Jim: i did not make a “complaint” about Mitt’s money advantage, I merely pointed out that Romney is winning by methods which, when viewed in perspective, make his campaign’s claims to overwhelming superiority look much less impressive than they appear at first glance. He wins Michigan, his home state, by 3 points and wins Ohio by 1 point and, on the basis of such narrow victories purchased at such a high price, Mitt’s a world-beater? Give me a freaking break.

If Romney’s nomination is as “inevitable” as his advocates wish us to believe, why the panicky demands for Rick Santorum to quit now, and the urgent pleas for conservatives to rally now to the Romney banner? Does it not occur to you that maybe Team Mitt saw that Louisiana shift to Santorum — his 3-to-1 margin over Newt Gingrich helping produce a 22-point win over Romney — as a significant development? Could it be that those Romney surrogates who are most loudly shouting “inevitable” now are much less confident than they would like us to believe?

Let’s wait and see what happens a week from Tuesday. The Santorum supporters I’ve talked to don’t seem inclined to quit now, and these “Rally ‘Round the Romney” cries might inspire them to fight twice as hard. They’ve got a volunteer phone-from-home program that has helped Santorum out-perform the polls, and even out-perform his staff’s own expectactions.

One top Santorum aide told me last week that they actually thought Romney would win Mississippi, but there was a late surge for Santorum no one had predicted. Was it those phone-from-home volunteers who did the trick? I don’t know, and I don’t know if Santorum can pull off another miracle or two next week. However, it’s not a possibility I can dismiss, either.

Three weeks ago, one of Mitt’s top strategists said it would take “an act of God” for Romney to lose the nomination. So if Mitt loses …

Well, I don’t know. Let’s wait and see.

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