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Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape

Yesterday at National Review’s Corner blog, Jim Manzi launched an out-of-the-blue assault on Mark Levin over how the global-warming issue was treated in Levin’s bestseller, Liberty and Tyranny. Borrowing a famous historic phrase from J.E.B. Stuart, I remarked, “James Manzi Will Regret This But Once, and That Will Be Continuously.”

Today, Levin replies at length:

His style of argument here reminds me of that of Andrew Sullivan, for whom Manzi has the highest regard. Which makes me wonder: Since Manzi has appointed himself the umpire around here, will he call out Sullivan for his continuing obsession with Trig Palin in equally harsh terms? Call it the lunacy it is, or even call it “wingnuttery”? . . .
Manzi provides us with his own list of authorities – a list of impressive-sounding and -seeming groups. As I began going through a “sample” of their findings, I noticed many of them were saying the same things and citing the same information. Could it be that Manzi, having lectured about basic research and mocked Google (Manzi’s good at mocking), actually came up with his list from Wikipedia?
Well, that’s what he did. Check it out here. It states that there are 32 academies that conclude man-made global warming is a threat that requires international action, among them the academies of Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Uganda, all of which are undoubtedly top shelf. I can’t understand why Manzi excluded them from his authoritative list.

Next? We can expect Manzi to posture as a martyr, to portray Levin’s defense as an act of aggression and, perhaps, to claim that he is being “purged” by intolerant right-wingers.

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