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‘Domestic Terrorism’ and the Bad Faith of the Democrats
Tucker Carlson in his new documentary (Twitter/screenshot)

This weekend, Tucker Carlson has a documentary scheduled for release on what really happened Jan. 6. The political world has a pretty good idea what’ll be in it, and they’re not happy.

One thing which is fairly clear about Carlson is he doesn’t accept the approved narratives of the corporate media and the Washington elite. That Carlson grew up in those circles and knows how they work makes it especially infuriating to them that he is so disdainful of the things they tell themselves and the world at large.

And what they’ve told us about the Jan. 6 protests was identifiable from the beginning as a dangerous, destructive, and self-serving lie. Based on its trailer, Carlson’s documentary is almost assuredly going to make that case, and probably convincingly.

You don’t have to be a Q supporter or a Lin Wood/Sidney Powell aficionado to get this. The actions of the ruling class in Washington and their allies in corporate media and Big Tech telegraphed it far and wide. Anybody could see the video of the Jan. 6 protests and recognize them as “mostly peaceful,” particularly by the standards applied to the deadly rioting and looting which washed over our cities last summer.

Was Jan. 6 deadly? Yes, it was. How deadly? It’s a lie to say, as the media has time and again, that five people died as a result of the “riot.” Only one death of unnatural causes happened at the Capitol that day; that came when Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot an unarmed Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbit when she attempted to climb through a broken window leading into a corridor on the House side of the building.

Our corporate media continues to push this lie despite the patent clarity of the facts of the case, and that lie has been used as the justification for the continued imprisonment of some of the people who entered the Capitol during that protest.

Some of the people, I should emphasize. The ringleaders, or at least two of the most prominent of their number, haven’t been stashed away in solitary confinement with neither bail nor trial.

One of them is a man named Stewart Rhodes, who runs the “far-right,” “anti-government” organization The Oathkeepers. Another is an Oathkeepers member named Ray Epps. Both of them are almost certainly FBI informants and/or operatives, so much so that on video from the Jan. 6 protests and the night before, as Epps is exhorting his fellow protesters to storm the Capitol he’s opposed and derided with chants of “Fed! Fed! Fed!” from the crowd.

Epps spent several months on the FBI’s most wanted list surrounding the One Six event. Then for some reason he fell off it. Just disappeared, free and clear. And to public knowledge he was never hauled into jail. Rhodes at least was questioned and his phone confiscated, but after a short time he and his device were set free.

Given the FBI’s long history of brewing up “domestic terror” plots in order to entrap the disaffected, be they would-be jihadists or “right-wing” soreheads like the unwitting dupes in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case, none of this falls away from type. Both Revolver News and independent journalist Julie Kelly at American Greatness have done very detailed, excellent reporting on the subject; in a sane country both would be set to receive Pulitzer Prizes for their work.

Carlson’s documentary is certain to at least raise the possibility that the “riot” on Jan. 6 was, at least in part, a false flag operation meant to justify a spirit of emergency in order to dissipate timely investigation of the irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

This is by no means a conspiratorialist contention. In fact, it fits completely with the facts subsequent to Jan. 6.

It fits with the decision by Nancy Pelosi to bring in former National Guard general and environmentalist kook (and Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiast, as it turns out, making him one of America’s most identifiable ruling-class hypocrites) Russel Honore to oversee the transformation of the U.S. Capitol into a military fortress complete with armed guards and razor wire. Washington didn’t see that kind of militarization when General Lee and his army were mere miles away, and for no discernible justification other than the need to sell the lie.

It fits with the decision by Amazon Web Services, owned by the same company as the regime propaganda organ the Washington Post and helmed by a man named Andy Jassy (now anointed as the successor to Jeff Bezos atop the Amazon empire), to cancel the conservative social media platform Parler. Parler had exploded from five million users to twenty million in the two months between the election and Jan. 6 and was threatening to break Big Tech’s hold on the social media market, but blame for Jan. 6 was put forth as a justification for AWS to terminate its hosting. This despite evidence that Facebook and Twitter were used far more in organizing the protests than Parler.

And it fits with the subsequent actions of Attorney General Merrick Garland in demonizing and threatening Americans with views differing from our woke ruling class. Most prominent among those actions was this month’s obnoxious and thuggish memorandum sent throughout the Justice Department to review options for cracking down on irate parents at local school board meetings. School board meetings across the country have become more and more chaotic as the public increasingly rejects transgenderism, critical race theory, and COVID hysteria pushed by the public education establishment, and Garland, clearly shilling for the Biden White House, is engaging in suppression of that dissent.

Suppression of dissent is the defining feature of left-wing politics in America. Given the lengths it has gone to in the political, economic, cultural, academic, and corporate spheres over the past several months — if not years — why would anyone believe the corrupting of a protest over its own election irregularities is beyond the will and capability of the Left?

This column has spent much time in the past few months discussing the need to move beyond conservatism toward something I’m calling revivalism, one of the definitions of which is “conservatism on offense.”

One of the key differences between conservatism and revivalism can be found in the relative approaches to the One Six debacle.

Here’s the “conservative” approach. We bring you soon-to-be-ex-congresswoman Liz Cheney…

At the most charitable, what we can say is the Cheney/conservative interpretation fails to recognize the bad faith of the Left and continues, despite all obvious evidence, to see the Democrats as simply people with whom they disagree politically.

Revivalists take a far more realistic view. Revivalists recognize, as Cheney fails or refuses to, that there is a recognizable pattern to the actions at hand. It’s based in the history of totalitarian regimes of other countries, regimes the Left has admired for decades. And it’s anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, and anti-American.

Tucker Carlson’s documentary will be a window into that pattern as applied to Jan. 6. It will recognize the bad faith and bad actions of the Democrats’ current regime. And it will make them scream.

It’s already made Liz Cheney scream. She’s their Useful Idiot, and she just called for Carlson to be discredited and deplatformed, just like the Biden cabal has been trying to do to regular Americans for the last several months if not longer.

We’re allowed to ask questions about what really happened on Jan. 6. We’re allowed to recognize how pervasively we’re being lied to. And we’re allowed to raise hell about it, and seek redress.

If we aren’t, we don’t live in a constitutional republic. If we aren’t, that republic is dead. And the current ruling class doesn’t get to dictate what comes next.

Scott McKay
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Scott McKay is a contributing editor at The American Spectator  and publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics, and RVIVR.com, a national political news aggregation and opinion site. Additionally, he's the author of the new book The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era, available at Amazon.com. He’s also a writer of fiction — check out his three Tales of Ardenia novels Animus, Perdition and Retribution at Amazon. Scott's other project is The Speakeasy, a free-speech social and news app with benefits - check it out here.
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