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DoJ Promotes Military-Ballot Ostrich

Talk about promoting failure! Rebecca Wertz is the Justice Department lawyer who has completely fumbled the protection of military voters, even telling an audience last February that the DoJ would be very reluctant to litigate to force states to comply with a new law mandating that ballots be sent to military personnel abroad at least 45 days before Election Day. DoJ, under Wertz, continues to foul up the process, as reported today by Christian Adams, with the latest example (of many) being absolute failure to force New York State to abide by the law:

New York City and Westchester Country are but two of the several New York jurisdictions which admitted that they failed to mail military ballots. This fact should have been known on October 2, when the Justice Department should have marched into court seeking an immediate order that the ballots be sent — preferably by rapid express mail.

Instead, a Justice Department press flack says they are in “urgent discussions.” Great. Congress should ask why they aren’t in urgent “litigation.” New York had already received a waiver, which DOJ supported, allowing the state to mail ballots on October 1. They couldn’t even meet that relaxed deadline.

Now, JUST TODAY, we at the editorial board at the Washington Times (including Yours Truly) note that Ms. Wertz’ ostrich-like (or worse) behavior is to be REWARDED by making her temporary promotion permanent: ” Mr. Perez also made permanent the appointment of Rebecca Wertz as the principal deputy chief of the Voting Section. Ms. Wertz’s management of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act has been so lackluster that military-rights groups are screaming about disenfranchisement of American troops.”

This is part of a raft of new hires and promotions in the “career” ranks at DoJ — EVERY single one of them a liberal. Gee, whatever happened to the importance of apolitical hiring?

Among the new hires are: Sharyn Tejani comes from the National Partnership for Women and Families, a hotbed of liberal activism, where she served as one of the lead attorneys filing a Supreme Court brief supporting an explicitly race-based refusal to promote white firemen in New Haven, Conn. Aaron Schuham comes directly from Americans United for Separation of Church and State – a group so leftist, it has argued the Obama administration isn’t liberal enough.

We await with breathless anticipation the establishment media taking even slight umbrage at this, after having conniption fits when the Bush DoJ used political considerations in hiring. Meanwhile, the biggest scandal is the disenfranchisement of our military in far-flung locales, protecting our freedoms.

One imagines that if the Obama administration expected military folks to vote for Democrats more than Republicans — as felons do — the Obamites would show a little more urgency about protecting their votes. Instead, they promote the person who refuses or utterly fails to protect those voting rights. Outrageous.

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