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Dear Joe Scarborough…

You’re not fooling anybody, OK? No one with an IQ above room temperature believes you wish well for the Republican Party. We know — as surely as Cicero knew the guilt of Catiline — that on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, you will vote to re-elect Barack Obama, no matter who gets the GOP nomination as his opponent.

Therefore, on behalf of everyone with enough sense to understand that independents can vote in the New Hampshire primary, permit me to say that we see through your transparent and relentless hyping of Huntsmania:

MSNBC has in recent weeks become the daily venue for one of the most bizarre reality shows on cable TV: Morning Bromance, starring Joe Scarborough as a man helplessly smitten with “Republican presidential candidate” Jon Huntsman.

When he isn’t blowing air-kisses at Huntsman, Scarborough is citing every possible media blurb about Huntsman as ratification of the former Utah governor’s make-believe campaign. Joe is to Jon what 11-year-old girls are to Justin Bieber, or what Chris Matthews is to Barack Obama. If Scarborough hasn’t yet announced his leg-tingles for Huntsman, it’s only because the MSNBC host wants to save his final orgasmic gush for the eve of the New Hampshire primary, where some polls show Joe’s teen-idol candidate in third place behind Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Today, for example, Scarborough cited an editorial from National Review that mentions Huntsman as a possible alternative to Gingrich. The obvious conclusion anyone would draw from that mention is, “Gee, Rich Lowry really hates Newt, doesn’t he?” But the conclusion pushed to the Morning Joe audience was that Huntsman’s conservatism has been Officially Validated, the ghost of William F. Buckley Jr. anointing Huntsman as spiritual heir to the Reagan legacy. . . .

Read the whole thing. Not that it will deter your hyping of Huntsmania, but just so you know that you’re not fooling anyone, no matter how much smarter than everybody else you think you are.

Robert Stacy McCain
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