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Craze of Political Correctness Claims Cracker Barrel

Originally reported by WFTS, the excerpt is from a report by Fox News:

Ryan Koch of Des Moines started the petition [six] days ago and it already has over 13,000 signatures.

“I say all of us European Americans start protesting C****er Barrel,” Koch writes in the petition opening. “It uses an offensive slur and it is deeply offensive and mocks our long and proud heritage.”

Koch wrote that he started the petition to address “media reports of various groups and organizations constantly wanting to change things throughout the country because they claim they are offended,” reports WFTS.

Koch goes on to offer an alternative restaurant name—“Caucasian Barrel” because “white people should have something to be offended by, too!”

Koch reiterated that he started the petition “strictly for satirical and comedic purposes.”

While this petition may have been created for “satirical and comedic purposes,” other examples aren’t taken so lightheartedly.

In February of 2013, TIME magazine produced an article about State Officials mandating language so that it includes fewer gender specific words. At the time, a  500 page bill from Olympia, Wash. was working to revise legal language. But the process proved more difficult than lawmakers originally thought:

Basic updates were a breeze, says code reviser Kyle Thiessen, who led the project. Search the code for he and add “or she.” Search the code for him and add “or her.” Other replacements required slightly more creative solutions: ombudsman became ombuds. Penmanship, perhaps the least offensive gender-biased word known to man or woman, became handwriting. Watchmen became security guards. And freshmen became first-year students, a move that echoes controversial changes by schools such as the University of North Carolina…

…Military types objected to changing airman, Thiessen says, because to them that word is already a gender-neutral rank and changing the title might cause problems with designating their troops. The Washington code also references behavior unbecoming “an officer and a gentleman.” The prospect of changing this to “an officer and a gentleperson” did not pass muster. There was no clear alternative to manhole either, Thiessen says. Revisers considered utility hole, but that doesn’t connote size like manhole does. One might only be able to stick a wire through a “utility hole,” he says, but a manhole — that’s for humans.

Nobody meant to give offense to women when they called a manhole a manhole, but in order not to hurt feelings we should call it — personhole? We comply with cumbersome edits so we don’t bring offense to people who are constantly looking to take offense. To ease their suffering, words like watchman are changed to security guard and freshman changed to first-year student. Political correctness has gotten out of hand, and granting everyone’s wish only makes it worse.

On the bright side, my word count just became easier to meet.

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