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Choosing Independence, Again

We will obey.

We will apologize

We will get on our knees and beg forgiveness.

We will only laugh at what you deem funny and culturally appropriate.

We will accept fake news, since its goals are truly noble.

We will no longer call it “radical Islamic terrorism.”

We will take courses in feminism, and white privilege, and offer ourselves up in the name of cultural appropriation.

We will watch Girls and eat kale.

We will pray to the climate, and not to the creator of it.

We will no longer call it abortions, just mulligans.

We will call our president illegitimate, a liar, mentally unfit, a crook, a con man, and every other name you have continuously called him. (“Pig” is I think the latest one you’ve settled on.)

How did you know you were so right?

I guess, it was all that investigative journalism you did.

We will admit that his tweets are more harmful than ISIS. And, we will castigate him appropriately for all of his sinful transgressions: “Bad boy, Mr. President.”

We were wrong.

You were right. As always.

And now, we beg you, and I humbly declare myself the leader of the new begging movement, to please forgive us, and allow us to stay silent again, while we watch you “save” our country from ourselves. That’s what you want us to say, isn’t it? You want Trump supporters to kiss the ring, and castrate themselves, once again, and get back in the closet. Society, and the world were so much better off with us in there.

Well, I’ve got only bad news for you, the media, and the left: We are here to stay. The cat’s out of the bag: freedom of speech, freedom of expression, well, they are downright fun. On November 8, we, the people, made a choice, and that choice was independence. To, once again, be free to ask, and to question.

We aren’t there yet either, and the battle still goes on. Many of us, still, are in hiding, fearing loss of friends, family, and financial security. Many are still scared to speak our minds. You; the media, the left, and the liberals created not a culture of love, but a down right culture of fear. On November 8, we resisted. We fought, not with guns and violence, like your party, but with the only thing we felt we had left: our vote.

So, we aren’t going to apologize for a tweet. It’s a freaking tweet. And, if a tweet really sets you off, and, if it really changes your mood, and puts you in fear and peril, then ISIS doesn’t need to attack us, because we have already lost. I don’t say that to be humorous, and I don’t say that for effect. I say it, sadly, because it’s true. You call the President a dictator, yet it is you who dictate to us what we should say, what we should think, what we can hear, and what we can laugh at. This was working, until a 70-year-old man, with a questionable tan, rose up and resisted and said “Enough!” and ruined your little politically correct bubble party.

So, to you Trumpicans, and you real Republicans, enjoy your Fourth. Scream at God or pray to God. Question, and ask. Tell that woman walking down the street she looks beautiful. Fly those flags high, and sing the anthem proudly. Raise your glasses, whether it be a whiskey, a beer, or a Diet Coke, and let’s thank those who fought for our independence, and let’s thank those who continue to do so.

P.S. You really thought tweets bother us? Ha!

Mr. President:

We salute you, and the greatest country God ever created. We are once again Independent and will no longer beg.


We the People.

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