William J. Kelly

William J. Kelly is the host of “Power Player” on Tribune’s CLTV and a veteran producer of Emmy award-winning TV. He is a frequent contributor to CDN, Breitbart, and Huffington Post. A native of Chicago’s south side, Kelly writes about Chicago politics and its cast of political characters.

Republican Bruce Rauner Is Planned Parenthood’s Best Friend


Watching the train wreck of the GOP presidential race, it’s easy to miss what’s been happening with Illinois’ crony Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Back in 2014, I warned conservatives about Rauner , who was supported by the national GOP establishment: If a candidate with Rauner’s history can buy political absolution with donations, after being a […]

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Think Twice About Illinois’s Crony Republican Governor-Elect


With Bruce Rauner’s election in Illinois, the Republican Governor’s Association has checked this bluer-than-blue state off its Democrat tick list. It must feel good—but I’m less than sanguine.  For the better part of a year, powerful Chicago Democrats have been whispering in my ear, extolling Rauner’s virtues. I heard similar insider political “chatter” about Barack Obama […]

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Thanks, Rahm!


The Southside Chicago neighborhood of Beverly — on its surface, it hasn’t changed much over the years. It still has more Irish pubs than any place in Chicago. Pleasant old ladies still tend to their immaculate tree-lined front yards. Capacity crowds still fill the pews at St. Barnabas and Christ the King. Kids still ride […]

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