Stuart Browning

Stuart Browning is a former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and currently writes about politics, technology, and foreign affairs. He divides his time between Miami Beach and Washington, D.C.

Why the Harvard Law Review Is Passé


Yesterday there was another racial circle jerk at The New York Times as the paper of record published a story that went beyond merely informing readers that The Harvard Law Review has elected its first black woman president to ask “why did it take so long?” Many will recall that the prestigious 130-year-old publication elected […]

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The Transgender Honey Badger!


Yesterday, the New York Times, which has recently (and incessantly) proclaimed its sacred role as an arbiter of truth in an age of Trumpian mendacity, ran a story about a family who keep a honey badger in their small Brooklyn Heights apartment. This piece went on to describe the unorthodox (and dangerous) family pet as “an […]

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How My White Privilege Depression Was Cured


This morning, when I woke, I felt that old familiar sting of remorse–like a bad hangover–at my possession of an insufficient amount of melanin in my skin and all the evil manifestations of this disgraceful and unfortunate condition (both in myself and in my family members). Then I went to the New York Times website […]

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Palestinian Parliament Fake Photo


Close observers of the Israeli-Arab conflict are accustomed to biased reporting in the elite media that downplays Arab incitements to violence and attacks on Israel while exaggerating the suffering of the “Palestinians.” However, even to the more jaded students of the Middle East, some examples of “fake news” masquerading as objectivity still have the ability […]

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France’s Sad Politics


It’s hard to feel optimistic about the future of France when considering the current slate of candidates for the presidential election this spring. Arguably Francois Fillon is the best candidate as he would attempt to rein in the state, loosen labor laws, and jettison the wealth tax. But it’s unclear that he would take the […]

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Maxine Waters Is Funny!


Yesterday, hilarious Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters informed a crestfallen nation that she would not attend the Trump inauguration saying “I don’t honor him, I don’t respect him, and I don’t want to be involved with him.” One would be inclined to take Waters seriously except for the fact that she has “honored and respected” Cuba’s […]

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Lewis’ District Is Rather Sad


Throughout the years Rep. John Lewis has repeatedly leveled scurrilous accusations against Republicans who might resist the liberal agenda. And all along, Lewis has been shielded from retaliatory criticism by both his race and his 1960’s record of civil rights activism. Until now. This past week began Lewis grandstanding at the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings […]

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Women United…Sort Of!


By now everyone’s heard about the “Woman’s March on Washington” scheduled for the day after the inauguration. The event, which evolved from a single Facebook post, has grown to be the largest of the planned protests and has now morphed into a broader “social justice” demonstration against the incoming Trump administration and Republican congress. How […]

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Obama Denies Reality To The End


On Wednesday Obam spoke at the Armed Forces Full Honor Review Farewell Ceremony in McLean, VA where he made the claim that “women are at least as strong as men.” While an opinion that women are mentally tougher than men is certainly an acceptable and debatable proposition, no reality-based biologist of repute would make the claim that […]

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