Scott McKay

Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics.

Stop Being a Jerk and Give Him His Wall


New York’s senior senator made the rounds on the Sunday shows boasting of his caucus’s ironclad commitment to blocking funding for President Trump’s border wall: Democrats dug in their heels Sunday on President Trump’s threat to shut down the government unless he gets money for his border wall, saying if the president makes good on his demand, […]

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A Shambles in Texas


James David Younger is a six-year-old boy. He lives in Dallas. By most accounts he’s a healthy, reasonably well-adjusted boy who is caught in the middle of an ugly divorce case between his parents. Based on court documents, one might begin to understand why that divorce sprang up. It seems that James’ mother, Ann Georgulas, […]

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Not To Be


Nationally, what John Neely Kennedy is known for is his status as The Nation’s Most Quotable Senator, and his short cable news appearances have rapidly made him a go-to for sound bites and hot takes on current events. But in Louisiana, from which he hails, Kennedy has become better known as the likely Republican candidate […]

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Mueller, Manafort, and Corsi


One gets the distinct impression, thanks to the sudden outbreak of news emanating from the $30 million Robert Mueller special counsel investigation of the Trump-Russia hypothesis (we’re not sure what else to call it at this point; “scandal” doesn’t quite fit, “affair” lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, and “allegations” seems a bit generous), […]

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Not For Long


OK, so the Democrats did manage to pick up enough House seats — 32 as of Sunday night, with perhaps a couple more to be awarded after recounts of too-close-to-call races — to make Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House. At least, President Trump and the Republicans aiming to reverse the results of […]

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The Closing Argument


Count this writer as highly suspicious of the media hype surrounding Tuesday’s midterm elections, to the tune that the Democrats are poised to gain as many as 50 seats or more in the House of Representatives. That relentless narrative reeks of a “fake-it-’til-you-make-it” ploy on the part of not just the usual suspects in the […]

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Stop Apologizing for the Mail-Bomb Clown


For a while it appeared as though the GOP was shedding, at long last, its image as The Stupid Party — and along with doing so, positioning itself to take supreme advantage of the Democrats’ ideological and behavioral implosion for the foreseeable future, perhaps even as soon as the midterm elections in two weeks. And […]

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A Letter From Facebook Jail


Tuesday morning when I sat down in front of my computer to begin the day, I noticed a window open on my browser indicating to me that I was in trouble from Facebook. “This post goes against our community standards,” read the top line. Underneath, another message: “Only you can see this post because it […]

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Spreading Bull


Just what did Elizabeth Warren, the persistently unhinged Democrat senator from Massachusetts, expect to gain from releasing a DNA test proving she isn’t a Native American while insisting the test indicates that she is? Perhaps it was the glowing-but-hilarious Boston Globe headline which read “Warren reveals test confirming ancestry.” That in and of itself may have […]

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Five Lessons About the Left


They can say what they want about Brett Kavanaugh. Except after Saturday, they’re going to have to say it about Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. As painful as that is for the Democrat Party and the American Left, it can’t be avoided after Saturday’s 50-48 vote in what might turn out to be the […]

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