Rev. Ben Johnson

Rev. Ben Johnson is an Eastern Orthodox priest and a senior editor at the Acton Institute.

Archbishop Justin Welby: Amazon Warrior


Amazon recently announced that it is raising the wage of its lowest-paid U.S. workers to $15 an hour, and above the proposed “real living wage” in the UK. Jeff Bezos also plans to lobby Congress to raise the minimum wage. This is bad news, not merely for his less prosperous competitors and most vulnerable workers, but […]

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Emmanuel Macron European Values

Macron’s Speech and the Battle Over the Soul of the West


Media coverage of French President Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with President Donald Trump predictably focused on the banal, dandruff-brushing aspects of the burgeoning bromance. Some liberal outlets highlighted lines in Macron’s address to Congress that reproached his host, the insolence made more delicious when uttered by their favorite world leader next to Justin Trudeau. But Macron’s speech reveals […]

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It’s Time to Bury the ‘Executioner’ Lenin for Good


Next month, April 22, marks the birthday of the architect of that cataclysmic “proletarian” revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov — known to the world as Lenin. These century-old events continue to dominate the news in modern-day Russia, where leaders grapple with how to deal with one tangible legacy of the Marxist past: After his death in […]

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