Mytheos Holt

Mytheos Holt is Senior Fellow in the Freedom to Innovate at the Institute for Liberty. He has held positions at the R Street Institute, Mair Strategies, TheBlaze, and National Review. He also worked as a speechwriter for U.S. Sen. John Barrasso  His writing on video games has been featured at TheBlaze, Gamesided, the Escapist, and the Federalist. He hails originally from Big Sur, California, but currently lives in Arlington, Virginia. Yes, Mytheos is his real name.

Patent Extortionists No Friend of the Little Guy


Patents are one of the most miraculous legal inventions of the modern age: with a stroke of a pen, an idea that can save lives, or move mountains, can become a source of prosperity not just for the world, but for the person who conceived it, as well. That being said, America’s patent protection system […]

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The People vs. Amazon


Bipartisanship in today’s Washington is as rare as a wardrobe completely free of items purchased at Brooks Brothers. But rarer still, is when that bipartisanship runs against moneyed interests. Indeed, most “bipartisan bills” should practically come with a NASCAR-style sponsor sticker, so obvious is it that they get proposed by people taking money from the same […]

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Iancu Gaslights America’s Inventors


Picture eastern Texas, and your mind may conjure up images of cattle ranchers, chicken fried steaks, or maybe even a select few country artists. But if you ask people who work in the realm of patent policy, the images evoked by the phrase “eastern Texas” resemble something more akin to The Crucible. Why? Because the […]

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Google: Unpatriotic, Inconsistent, Insecure


Imagine the following scenario: A group of technical whizzes found a new car company in the United States. After initially going through vigorous competition, the company eventually establishes complete market dominance not only in building cars, but also in building everything associated with car safety. At which point, the United States government offers the company […]

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Tech Is Coming for Your Kids Next


In a year that has put the untenable practices and politics of Silicon Valley’s tech barons under scalding sunlight, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has come in for a particularly nasty set of burns. Just to remind ourselves, let’s count them: First, President Trump is incensed at Bezos over his ownership of the Washington Post, one of […]

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When Are Patent Trolls Going to Stop Bothering the Supreme Court?


America’s legal system is swamped with bad faith actors. From activist judges who overturn perfectly sensible limits on immigration, to the literal activist lawyers who bring frivolous suits against those limits, to grafters who have turned GoFundMe pages into a political spoils system, the endless jokes about the uselessness of lawyers have never been easier […]

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Tech Is Trying to Rig Politics Completely


The past few weeks have shown an alarming series of developments when it comes to the compatibility of today’s tech sector with a free society. The most controversial of these, no doubt, was the banning of Infowars and its flagship host Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms, all at once, a decision that even […]

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Don’t Make Taxpayers Bear the Brunt of Silicon Valley Hubris


The defenders of Silicon Valley are fond of pointing to the many benefits that America’s tech sector has conjured, seemingly from thin air, and to the great virtues of those who run these modern day titans of industry. We all benefit from the rise of the iPhone, or of Google search results, or of YouTube, […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Ted Cruz

Zuckerberg Has a Problem, And So Does His Industry


Picture the following scenario: Imagine that the CEO of a major firearms manufacturer had been invited to Capitol Hill to answer questions about their guns being used by foreign insurgents who had attacked the United States. Imagine that the CEO in question had given evasive non-answers to the questions posed, and made a series of […]

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Pharma’s Victim-Bribing Has Been Exposed


The opioid epidemic, and the rapidly increasing rash of high drug prices, are the twin deadly sins of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Any serious pro-patient policy analyst in Washington will likely acknowledge this. The responsibility of companies like the makers of Oxycontin for the spread of opioids throughout vulnerable communities is a virtually uncontested fact, as […]

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