Melissa Mackenzie

Melissa Mackenzie is managing editor and publisher of The American Spectator.  She works and lives in Houston, Texas with her two sons, one daughter, and one dog.

McCain and A Few Words About Civility


Is it civil to settle scores at John McCain’s funeral? As with so many things #Resistance, the opponents to President Trump answer incivility with worse incivility. This from Ana Navarro, for example, is disgusting: Damn! We’re only two eulogies into the #McCainfuneral, and I keep wondering how Jarvanka haven’t yet slinked out of their seats […]

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A Note About Grifters and Candace Owens


Over the weekend, a young writer who has written for National Review and in this particular case, the Spectator, UK (not to be confused with our publication The American Spectator), wrote a take-down of another young woman new to the conservative movement, Candace Owens. I don’t know Candace any more than I know her vituperative essayist. […]

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Pedophile Catholic priests

When the Priesthood Defiles the Temple and the Children


It’s taken a week to absorb the horror of the magnitude of the desolation caused by the corrupted Catholic priesthood. One doesn’t have to be Catholic to be struck dumb at the evil snaking through the clergy while the laity look the other way as generation after generation of children were abused in God’s house. […]

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Regretting the Gig Economy


In the suburb of Houston I call home, the gig economy has made all the difference. Getting to the airport used to be a two-day logistical planning pain in the butt. Uber changed that. We didn’t have taxis. Now, neighbors who make money on their off days, drive me to the airport. To my children’s […]

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Mind Your Own Business America

Mind Your Own Damn Business


We are a nation of meddlesome Americans. It was not always thus. There was a time when Americans did not nark on their neighbors. They didn’t inform on their coworkers. They have not, historically, been the comrades in a communist regime whispering, seeking favor from the authorities, and sending hated enemies to the gulag for […]

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President Donald Trump Juncker

Shortest Trade War in History Over: President Trump and E.U. Come to Agreement


Well, that was quick. Tariffs make everyone nervous not least of which because they don’t work, just ask Ben Stein’s econ teacher character from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Steel and manufacturing prices have been rising, stock market anxiety has been rising, and threats of a recession loom should America continue on a protectionist path. Maybe, […]

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Book Party

Judge Jeanine Chooses Better Company than Whoopi Goldberg


Judge Jeanine partied last night with a higher class of people than babbling head Ana Navarro and screaming meemie Whoopi Goldberg. To celebrate her book release: Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy, she invited cultured conservatives like The American Spectator’s own R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. To illustrate the contrast, here’s Judge […]

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trump putin helsinki shake

President Trump’s War at Home and Peace With Putin


President Trump’s intelligence community leaders, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, hate their boss. President Trump is their boss. In case the president missed their contempt, on the eve of his meeting with Russia’s president Vladamir Putin, Mr. Rosenstein held a press conference announcing that 12 Russians influenced the […]

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Thunder Strzok


The creepiest witness to ever grace a Congressional hearing, minced in his seat and evaded questions for hours on end Thursday. His name? Peter Strzok (pronounced “Struck” for the Democrats on the committee who kept mispronouncing it). The general impression from his testimony? What a complete weirdo. It is astonishing that someone so strange, supercilious […]

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SCOTUS: Discriminate Against Christians, Subtly


There was a time, before Obamacare passed, when conservatives felt sure that Obamacare would not pass, could not pass, and if it did pass, it would be reversed. My take back then: It will pass, it will be hated, and it will never be repealed. It was a pessimistic take, to be sure, but the […]

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