Melissa Mackenzie

Melissa Mackenzie is managing editor and publisher of The American Spectator.  She works and lives in Houston, Texas with her two sons, one daughter, and one dog.

The Blue Wave That Wasn’t


Grandma Pelosi gets the gavel and the subpoena power and that’s enough for Democrats. A friend asked me if the Dems’ slim House margin will force them to cooperate with the President. To which I ask: Have you met these people?  Democrats have been setting things on fire, kicking their political enemies, and beating up […]

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Blue Wave Election

There is No Winning By Losing…the House


Of the more inane arguments out there, the “Republicans win by losing the House” take is one of the worst. The argument is rooted in pure, unrequited spite. Unrequited spite is the feeling of loathing for an individual that everyone else seems to like because they’re either duped or stupid or both. The schadenfreude that […]

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CNN Trump Media Pittsburg

More Trump Tizzy: Jobs and Mobs Video, New UN Ambassador


President Trump continues to stir things up: today he tweeted a Jobs Not Mobs video that has all the right people upset. On the heels of that, there’s rumors of a new U.N. Ambassador. No one has caught their breath yet from the Birthright Citizenship question. Harry Reid, when he was sane, agreed with us […]

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How Tech Giants Twitter and Facebook Are Opening the Door to Competitors Like


I just got off the phone with the founder of, Bill Ottman. is a new social media hybrid site that promises to do what no other major platform has done: keep your information private. It also uses game theory and a token/monetary system to reward users for using the site. It’s also open […]

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Trump Houston

Triumphant Trump and Carefree Cruz


Houston If Donald Trump’s good humor infects even the most sober of politicians, his ebullience positively electrifies crowds. Tonight, Houston is electrified. Jolted, energized and best of all, enjoying itself on the way into one of the tightest midterm elections ever. Win or lose, the Cruz Crew and the Trump acolytes are have a grand […]

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Stormy Daniels Horseface

Horseface: What if….no, but what if?


So The Donald struck again this morning with his Horseface tweet. The collective Beltway inhaled breath and tightened sphincter could be felt across America. Everyone else who read it laughed, because, well… Here’s the tweet in question: “Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.” @FoxNews Great, […]

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Kanye Trump Hug

Use Media Hate as Your Guide: Kanye Edition


The media-Dem-activist complex hates Kanye West. Gay, black CNN talking head Don Lemon laughed as one of his guests called Kanye West an ignorant Negro. One would think that a man who might be the object of discrimination would hesitate at laughing at racist jibes toward another black person. Wrong. Donald Trump called Lemon the […]

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It’s Time for Kanye and Trump


It’s time. One of the most exciting issues candidate Donald Trump talked about while campaigning was taking on the problem of inner city crime, joblessness, and the hopeless despair associated with them both. Candidate Trump believed it didn’t have to be that way. His talk was aspirational and action-oriented. The Left, of course, heard racism […]

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Nikki Haley Resigning as United Nations Ambassador


Nikki Haley resigns as Ambassador to the United Nations today. It’s been verified. A couple thoughts, because I’m already seeing folks saying that they hope she primaries Trump and runs in 2020. Haley running in 2020 is a horrible idea. Horrible. It would divide the GOP. Her support would erode for a 2020 run. She would […]

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Dianne Feinstein

The Fever Swamp Creature Dianne Feinstein’s Mess


It all goes back to Senator Dianne Feinstein. The shady allegations suddenly becoming public. The late hour shenanigans. The lying to colleagues. The using of a clearly damaged Christine Blasey Ford. The dragging of Brett Kavanaugh and his family through this fetid mess. Every part of this is the ranking Democrat’s fault. Finally, at the […]

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