Melissa Mackenzie

Melissa Mackenzie is managing editor of The American Spectator.  She works and lives in Houston, Texas with her two sons, one daughter, and one dog.

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President Trump’s War at Home and Peace With Putin


President Trump’s intelligence community leaders, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, hate their boss. President Trump is their boss. In case the president missed their contempt, on the eve of his meeting with Russia’s president Vladamir Putin, Mr. Rosenstein held a press conference announcing that 12 Russians influenced the […]

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Thunder Strzok


The creepiest witness to ever grace a Congressional hearing, minced in his seat and evaded questions for hours on end Thursday. His name? Peter Strzok (pronounced “Struck” for the Democrats on the committee who kept mispronouncing it). The general impression from his testimony? What a complete weirdo. It is astonishing that someone so strange, supercilious […]

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SCOTUS: Discriminate Against Christians, Subtly


There was a time, before Obamacare passed, when conservatives felt sure that Obamacare would not pass, could not pass, and if it did pass, it would be reversed. My take back then: It will pass, it will be hated, and it will never be repealed. It was a pessimistic take, to be sure, but the […]

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Jordan Peterson: What Are the Limits of the Left?


On a steamy Houston evening, hundreds of Jordan Peterson fans lined up to hear the Canadian psychology professor speak in a venue normally filled by indy rock bands, glazed eyes, and singing banshees. Not this night. The Revention Center hosted a bright group of mostly-white young men, high on big ideas. Dave Rubin, who introduced […]

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Donald Trump: The Pro-Life President


Who knew? Who knew or really believed that candidate Donald Trump would become pro-life President Donald Trump? Politicians say things. Mitt Romney was for abortion in Massachusetts before he was against it as a presidential candidate. John McCain held a nuanced view on abortion as presidential candidate saying that abortion would be okay in special […]

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Boy Scouts & Mormon Church Part Ways


In October, I noted that it’s over for the Boy Scouts. It is. The organization will limp along, but it’s over. And with it, Girl Scouts is over, too. Girl Scouts, and I say this as a former Brownie and Girl Scout myself, gets boring past fifth grade or so. Camping trips dry up. All […]

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Yes, 2016 Was the Flight 93 Election


What happens when conservatives win the House, the Senate, the majority of governorships and state houses and still lose the cultural war? What happens when Americans sense that there is a contempt for God, marriage, children, morality, free speech, free association, hard work, individualism and decency and the contempt is led by the Democrat President […]

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Kanye and Alfie and the 2nd Amendment


When the British subjects in America declared independence, they claimed as inalienable rights the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans are not subjects of the throne, they’re free citizens. To solidify the rights of Americans, Congress drafted the Constitution and laid out the Bill of Rights — the first ten amendments […]

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Michael Cohen Raid Mueller FBI Trump

The Cohen Raid and Mueller Madness


Rumors have circulated for months that what will take Donald Trump down is not anything having to do with collusion with Russia but his business dealings before the election. Trump is compromised by all the deals he swung as a businessman, so the rumors assert. What may have flown under the radar in the private […]

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Slowing Down to Consider Sin


Passover and Easter coincide which means that most of the nation is slowing down simultaneously and taking time to reflect on themselves, on God, on freedom, on slavery, on sin. Jewish people prepare by cleaning their homes and ridding it of leaven and the week will culminate in the Passover supper which commemorates freedom from […]

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