Lennie Jarratt

Lennie Jarratt (ljarratt@heartland.org) is the project manager for school reform at the Heartland Institute.

The Promise of Child Safety Accounts


Although violent incidents in schools have declined since the 1990s, recent high-profile school shootings have put parents (and children) on edge, wondering if their son or daughter will be the next victim of a crazed gunman’s rampage. It can be difficult to attribute exact motivations to people, especially younger ones, who commit heinous murders or […]

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Child Safety Accounts: Protecting Our Children With Freedom


Safety in schools has become of paramount concern to students and parents, especially on days like today, the nineteenth anniversary of the horrific Columbine school shooting. It’s not just school shootings causing this concern, however. It is the bullying, sexual harassment, and assaults many students deal with on a daily basis. With the rise of […]

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The Right of Parents to Choose Their Child’s Education


There is a growing divide within the education reform movement between the so-called technocrats and free-marketeers, causing confusion with parents and grassroots activists and making reform much more difficult to achieve.  Free-market reformers support creating a marketplace within which parents are empowered to hold schools and educators accountable. Technocrats don’t trust parents to make the […]

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Why Proficiency Testing Matters in Education


Recent controversies over Common Core standards have intensified the debate over high-stakes K-12 academic testing that became a national issue with President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. Holding schools accountable for children’s academic performance is simple common sense. A child who struggles to read in fourth grade is four times more likely to drop […]

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Teacher Testing Does Not Equal Teacher Quality


As high-stakes testing grows in K-12 education, it is no surprise the testing for teacher certifications is also becoming more high-stakes. The problem is, teacher testing is not a good indicator of teacher quality. An MIT study found “state mandated teacher testing is associated with increases in teacher wages, though we find no evidence of […]

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