Karen Effrem

Dr. Karen Effrem is a pediatrician and president of Education Liberty Watch.

Goodbye, Privacy? How New EdTech Is Turning Students Into Lab Rats


Our children are being groomed to have no expectation of privacy, ever, and to accept constant surveillance as simply how things are. Schools and corporate vendors are playing a major role in stamping out the individual liberty and autonomy that should be our inheritance as Americans. A major tool in this effort is “social emotional […]

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Psychological Manipulation Pearson Report

The Latest Creepy Orwellian Education Tactic


It sounds like a sci-fi movie: altering behavior and personality by surreptitiously embedding psychologically manipulative messages into a computer platform. But according to Education Week, that’s what mega-publisher Pearson did in 2017 to over 9,000 unwitting college students. And this episode foreshadows what’s coming soon to a K-12 classroom near you. Pearson’s project used “social-psychological interventions,” […]

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