Jeffrey Lord

Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. An author and CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at and @JeffJlpa1. His new book, What America Needs: The Case for Trump, is now out from Regnery Publishing.

Red Lobster Hillary Cabal Targets Tucker Carlson


I had a great dinner at a local Red Lobster the other night. The crab cakes were excellent, the staff and service friendly and terrific. But alas that was my last meal at the Red Lobster. The Red Lobster, which I thought was in the business of selling seafood dinners and lunches, is in another […]

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President Donald Gandhi-Reagan


The time: 1930. The place: Dandi, India. The situation? Indians had grown weary, not to mention resentful, of British rule. Not unlike Americans in 1776 they were demanding their independence. A native Indian — a lawyer trained in London — Mohandas Gandhi came to the realization that a combination of non-violence and non-cooperation by the […]

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Mitt Romney: Swamp Creature


Well, that didn’t take long. Not yet sworn in as Orrin Hatch’s successor as a Republican Senator from Utah, Romney is already virtue signaling to the Washington Swamp that yes, indeed, he is one of them. And you wonder why he lost the presidency? Heading straight for the anti-Trump pages of the Washington Post, the headline […]

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Lewandowski and Bossie Finger Trump’s Enemies


President Donald Trump has enemies. So too has every president had them. But there is something about Trump that has created a veritable hornet’s nest of foaming-at-the-mouth political enemies who are so obsessed with him that they have quite accurately been said to be diseased with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” In Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State […]

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Pacific Life Joins the Anti-Free Press Bullies


Don’t be fooled. Pacific Life pretends to be in the insurance business. They are not. Pacific Life is in the decidedly political business of supporting the American Left-Open Borders specifically — which is exactly why they have announced that they are pulling their ads from Tucker Carlson’s eponymous Fox News show. The 150-year-old company that […]

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Gregg Jarrett’s ‘Russia Hoax’ Captures the Real Collusion


Gregg Jarrett nails it. In his bestselling The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump, Fox News legal and political analyst Gregg Jarrett captures the very heart of a very, very big scandal — arguably the biggest scandal in all of American history. And that’s saying something. Right off the […]

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Thank You, President Bush


May, 1970. I was having lunch with Pennsylvania Congressman George Goodling in the House Dining Room. I was 19 years old, and, with thousands of other college students, I was in Washington to protest the shooting of four Kent State University kids who were shot to death by the Ohio National Guard in the middle […]

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Oops! The Media Got the Caravan Wrong


Over there at Breitbart and also at the New York Post, John Nolte and Rich Lowry have nailed it exactly. To wit: the media got the caravan thunderously, embarrassingly wrong. Nolte points out the following. Fox’s Shepard Smith assured: “There is no invasion,” he said. “There’s nothing at all to worry about.” Nolte links to this ITV report — […]

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Tucker Carlson’s ‘Ship of Fools’


A truer examination of a serious American problem could not be had. In his new book,  Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, Tucker Carlson gets to the heart of the seriously bad situation that confronts America. Ship of Fools is, says the opening flap of the book, […]

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Florida Dems: Count Votes From Non-U.S. Citizens


Stunning. A transcript of a court hearing on the voting in Florida reveals a startling fact. The campaigns of Democrat Andrew Gillum, the gubernatorial nominee, and Democrat Bill Nelson, the incumbent U.S. Senator are both demanding in a court hearing that the vote of a non-American citizen be counted. Gillum and Nelson lost their respective […]

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